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Greetings my fellow Archers! I am Baron Fynlo Mac Cane, the scorekeeper for the Kingdom of Meridies. I will be your faithful servant in keeping this site up to date along with the creator of this wonderful site Sir Jonathas. If you believe your score is incorrect, please search your name and check all of the scores submitted along with the dates. Sometimes the scores you were counting on are now over 12 months old.
Please also use the search and look for your name if you have not shot in the last 12 months. If you have shot Royal Rounds within the last year, please contact the Live Weapons (LW) Marshal who was in charge and find out if they will submit the scores. They can submit the scores online, by e-mail or by regular "snail" mail.
If your name appears without the SCA Name, a Mundane Name, a Group, a Bow Type, or is spelled incorrectly, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you are an archer in Meridies, and your name is not on this list, please contact me at the e-mail address above.
How do I participate?
For a description of the Archery Ranking System in the Kingdom of Meridies, please refer to the Meridian Archery Ranking System and the Live Weapons Handbook .
Go to an event that has target archery, and shoot in a Royal Round. Ask the LW Marshal if they intend on reporting the results (see below). Local practices whose schedules are published in a group newsletter count as official.
What is a Royal Round?
A Royal Round consists of four ends of shafts loosed at a standard 60cm, five-ring target face. The target face is scored gold (5 pts.), red (4 pts.), blue (3 pts.), black (2 pts.), and white (1 pt.).
- 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 40 yards
- 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 30 yards
- 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 20 yards
- a 30-second timed shoot at 20 yards with unlimited shafts
For more information about archery in the Society, please go to the SCA Archery Homepage. For more information about live weapons in the Kingdom of Meridies, please go to Kingdom of Meridies Live Weapons Hompage.
How are the standings calculated?
The database averages the three highest scores per bow type for each archer recorded in the last twelve months. The tables are continuously updated. Please also see the Royal Round section of the Live Weapons Handbook.
The Meridian ranks are as follows:
Average Rank Tassel
0-24 Archer White
25-44 Bowman Black
45-64 Marksman Blue
65-84 Woodsmen Red
85-104 Yeoman Gold
105+ Toxophilite Gold and Green
How to submit scores?
If you have scores to report, please either:
1. Update them through the marshals page (if you are a marshal with score keeping authority)
2. Send them to Baron Fynlo Mac Cane
3. Mail them to Baron Fynlo Mac Cane
Please include information below if emailed or snail mailed:
- The name and date of the event the shoot was held
- The name of the LW Marshal overseeing the shoot
- Each archer`s Society name, modern name, and Society group
- Each archer`s bow type, i.e. longbow, recurve, crossbow
- Each archer`s scores at 40, 30, 20 yds, 20 yd timed round, and the total score in the Royal Round
Please note:
1. Only two scores may be submitted for rank per day. If an archer is allowed to shoot more than two Royal Rounds they may submit the best two results.
2. Scores must be submitted within two weeks of an event.
3. An archer may appear on the list more than once, but with different bow types. The average score posted is from the three highest scores with the same weapon; no mixing of scores and weapon type. Hence you must have three complete royal round scores with a crossbow to have a crossbow average and three complete royal round scores with a longbow to have a longbow average. If you happen to borrow a crossbow to shoot a royal round score, you must have three complete scores to be ranked.
If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact me.
What is the Iron Bow Guild?
The Iron Bow is an archery Guild within the Kingdom of Meridies. The purpose of the Guild is to promote the learning and teaching of SCA archery, both combat and live weaponry, throughout the Kingdom. The Iron Bow facilitates communication amongst the Meridian archery community to promote activities such as events, demonstrations, and classes. Meridian archers are encouraged to join the e-group and the Facebook group page.
What is the 'Easy to Remember' address for this site?

Well you always have the option of bookmarking almost any page. But, the easy to remember address for this site is:


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