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Any marshal warranted for Thrown Weapons in An Tir (, or any deputy/scorekeeper designated by their marshal, may submit scores for their local group or event.

Please contact Signore Giovanni with the following requested information:
1) SCA name
2) Modern Name
3) Name on An Tir Lists (or marshal designating you as their scorekeeper)
4) E-mail
5) Branch/Location
6) Score sites requested (Thrown Weapons, Target Archery)
7) Society Title/Rank is nice, but not required

If you have problems with anything on the site PLEASE send me a missive with any questions or helpful ideas to improve An Tir Scores Home! I can`t fix it if I don`t know about it.
Signore Giovanni dell` Arco

Greetings fellow thrown weapons enthusiasts of An Tir! I am Signore Giovanni dell`Arco, your Thrown Weapons Scores Deputy. I will be your faithful servant in providing a visible resource of scores past and present and Current Rankings, along with the creator of this wonderful site, Sir Jonathas, who resides in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

When submitting scores, please include the following:

  • The name, date, and type of the SCA event
  • The name of the Target Marshal overseeing the event
  • Each thrower's Society name, modern name, and branch
  • Each thrower's scores for knife, ax, spear, and the total score
  • The name of the witness to the scores (cannot be one of the scoring throwers)

When submitting scores via email, you may send the scores in the body of the email or include them as an attachment (Excel, PDF, etc.).

If you see your name listed with missing or misspelled information, please let me know.

How are thrown weapons ranks determined?

The thrower's score is the combined total for 20 knife throws, 20 ax throws, and 20 spear throws. Scores considered for ranking will consist of a thrower's three highest scores from three separate days. Please read the An Tir Book of Target for the full rules.

What scores may be reported?

Only scores from an SCA event or a published practice may be reported.

What is the 'Easy to Remember' address for this site?

Other useful sites:
SCA Thrown Weapons Marshal's Handbook
An Tir Book of Target
In Service to all the thrown weapons enthusiasts in An Tir,
Signore Giovanni dell`Arco

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This is an OFFICIAL site for the An Tir Thrown Weapons