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The Thrown Weapon Interkingdom Challenge, or TWIC, was born out of a series of ideas discussed on an SCA-wide thrown weapons list. As the discussion died down, two gentles: THL Evian Blackthorne and Lord Caedmon Wilson worked to create a set of rules for the TWIC and released them on to the SCA at-large. Its purpose was to mirror that of the Archery competition known as the IKAC. A contest for throwers across the SCA to complete and compare scores with friends and strangers in other kingdoms or right next door.
Evian did not live to see the completion of the first year of the TWIC (2003), dying of a sudden heart attack in late 2003. It is to him that the TWIC is forever dedicated. You are missed, friend.
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In service to the Dream,
THL John Bartholomew of Flanders
Keeper of the TWIC


Last updated for the 2024 Season

I. Introduction

The Thrown Weapons Inter-kingdom Competition (TWIC) was founded as a means for thrown weapons participants in the SCA to have a set of standardized rules, using standardized targets, with a standardized course of throw (round), at standardized minimum distances, so the throwers in any kingdom anywhere can directly compare their abilities to the abilities of throwers in other kingdoms, without the necessity of traveling to the same place at the same time. All SCA rules and regulations, both Society level and at the Kingdom level shall be observed.

II. Persons

The TWIC is open to all competitors, of all ages, from all the Kingdoms of the SCA.

III. Places

Only scores from rounds thrown at official events may be submitted for the TWIC. Official Events "are those activities that are defined as Society Events" in the governing documents of the SCA. This definition, for purposes of TWIC, also includes announced practices held under the auspices of a local SCA branch. "Announced" includes any form of general notification to the group, including electronic means like e-mail lists, Google Calendar, Facebook groups or events, or similar online forums.

IV. Targets

The Standard TWIC target face shall be a multi-color concentric circle target. This target face can be made of paper, cardboard, or other similar material, or can simply be painted on the target backing. Individual colors to be used are not specified, but should contrast with each other. The smallest circle shall be 3" in diameter, and shall count as five (5) points. The next largest circle shall be 8" in diameter, and shall count as three (3) points. The outer circle shall be 14" in diameter, and shall count as one (1) point. The backing for the target face is left up to the local person running the competition, or local Kingdom rules or conventions, but it is recommended that for knife and axe throwing, an end grain "round" of wood be used, preferably of a soft wood such as pine or fir. Use of "hard" wood, plywood, or side grain type target backing is discouraged, as it is more difficult to get a knife or axe to stick into this type backing, thereby putting the competitors throwing at it under some disadvantage. In the event that a suitable "end grain" round or equivalent cannot be found with a diameter of 14" or greater, the outer circle may be smaller than the specified 14". But be aware, it will still be counted and scored the same as if it was full size, which will put those competitors throwing at it under some disadvantage also. For spear throwing, two or preferably three hay bales, one on top of the other, is recommended. The use of wooden target backings of any type for spears is highly discouraged, as it tends to damage most spears, and it is more difficult to get a spear to stick into this type target, which will put those competitors throwing at it under some disadvantage also. Other backing materials (such as multiple layers of carpet, or foam or insulation boards) may also be used for knife, axe, or spear targets, if that is all that is available, and if such use is allowed in the particular Kingdom where the throw is taking place.

The center of the target face for all throwing should be between three and a half and five feet off the ground. Any weapon "cutting" a dividing line between two colored circles shall be scored as having hit the higher of the two areas. Weapons hitting outside the outer circle, or missing the backing altogether shall count as zero (0). All weapons must stick into the target, and must remain in the target until pulled for score, except that spears which pass totally through the target may be "judged" by the range-master to have scored in the ring where he believes it struck. Spears do not have to remain free-standing in the target to count, as long as the point is still obviously "in" the target. The person throwing may request his weapons be scored and pulled after each throw, if he so desires.

V. Weapons

  1. Axes
    Axes may only have a single cutting edge (bit). The bit must be no more than 4" in length. Double bit axes or axes with top or butt spikes cannot be used for scoring. Any throwing axe used must not be prohibited for thrown weapons use in the Kingdom where it is being used.
  2. Knives
    Knives to be thrown may be single or double-edged, or be simply pointed with no "edge" (spikes), but may only have one pointed end. These rules do not set any maximum or minimum sizes on throwing knives, but any throwing knife used must not be prohibited for thrown weapons use in the Kingdom where it is being used.
  3. Spears
    Spears to be thrown generally should not be barbed, as barbed spears tend to damage targets, but with the permission of the person running the range and/or providing the target or backing, they may be barbed. Spears are limited to a single sticking point for purposes of scoring. These rules do not set any maximum or minimum sizes on throwing spears, but any throwing spear used must not be prohibited for thrown weapons use in the Kingdom where it is being used.
  4. "Other" or Specialty weapons
    At this time, no standards for "other" or specialty weapons have been established for TWIC. Feel free to throw them, as allowed by local kingdom rules, and as allowed by the person running the range, and feel free to score them according to TWIC basic standards for distances and scoring. Feel free to submit these scores to the Keeper of the TWIC, but if you do, please indicate the exact weapon(s) used, the distances thrown, and anything else pertinent to tabulating these scores. In fact, we encourage such throwing for possible inclusion in future challenges. These scores will not be "counted", at this time, but might help us to establish future standards and challenges using these other weapons. The Keeper of the TWIC will report such scores in the same way that all other scores are reported, but with a disclaimer that such scores are not "official". All other and specialty weapons used must not be prohibited for thrown weapons use in the Kingdom where it is being used.

VI. Distances

These distances are MINIMUM distances for each weapon. Throwers may throw at greater distances than the minimum distance for a course of throw, but may not throw at any less than the minimum distance for that course of throw. Some Kingdoms may have minimum throwing distances established by rules that are of greater distances than some of the TWIC minimum distances stated. When throwing in such a Kingdom, no throws can be done at less than the Kingdom minimum distance for that weapon, even if it entails throwing one, two, or all three courses of a throw at this greater distance. The scoring will remain the same as if the throw was done from the TWIC minimum distances listed, however. All distances must be measured, not paced off, and are taken from the face of the target to the foul line. Anyone stepping on or over the foul line during or immediately after throwing will have that throw disqualified, and be given a zero point score for that throw only.

  1. Axes
    Axes are to be thrown from beyond these minimum distances:
    • Ten (10) feet
    • Fifteen (15) feet
    • Twenty (20) feet
  2. Knives
    Knives are to be thrown from beyond these minimum distances:
    • Ten (10) feet
    • Fifteen (15) feet
    • Twenty (20) feet
  3. Spears
    Spears are to be thrown from beyond these minimum distances:
    • Fifteen (15) feet
    • Twenty (20) feet
    • Twenty-five (25) feet

VII. Courses of Throw

The standard course of throw (a round) shall consist of five throws at each of the three distances for each weapon type (knife, axe, spear or atlatl) used, for a total of fifteen throws per round per weapon. The same weapon does not have to be thrown at the various distances, allowing the competitor to change his weapon from one weapon to another weapon of that type at any time he chooses during the course of a round. It is not required to throw each weapon type, if the competitor does not wish to do so. The four weapons types are separate competitions, with separate scoring and rankings.

The thrower may throw each distance consecutively, or throw one or more practice rounds between distances, as per the marshal's choice. In either case, the thrower must declare they are throwing for score for the next round to be official.

VIII. Scores

The thrower may throw any number of TWIC rounds per weapon type, but only one scoring round per weapon type may be submitted per event or per day, if an event has throws held on more than one day of that single event. At least two people must be present to witness the round, but only one need be an authorized marshal. The marshal running the TWIC throw may also throw a TWIC round.

IX. Reports

All scores shall be reported to the Keeper of the TWIC by web (using this site) or e-mail (to the address provided in the links below) within 30 days of being thrown (See NOTE below for an important exception to this). Submitting through the web is preferred. Contact the Keeper of the TWIC if your Kingdom does not already use this site for thrown weapons and/or archery.


Because submission of TWIC scores for 2024 was not open until much later in the year, we will be accepting TWIC scores thrown from earlier in the year, as long as they were thrown during 2024. We will accept these older scores until July 1, 2024; after that point all scores will need to be submitted within 30 days.

Reports should be sent by e-mail to: THL John Bartholomew of Flanders with 'TWIC Report' in the subject line.

Date received by the Keeper's e-mail server shall determine the date of the report for e-mail.

All reports must be in the hands of the Keeper of the TWIC no later than midnight, January 31 of the year following the close of the 'season', regardless of the date of the report. The report must contain all the information required by the "Official TWIC Scorecard", but the use of the actual scorecard itself is optional.

X. Rankings

  1. Individuals
    An individual thrower s ranking in any weapon category shall be the highest scoring round submitted.
  2. Kingdoms
    Kingdoms will be ranked by averaging the top three individual competitors in each weapon type rankings in that particular Kingdom. A Kingdom shall be considered unranked in a weapon category until the third scoring round is submitted from that Kingdom for that weapon.

XI. Seasons

The TWIC season will start on January 1 of the calendar year and end on December 31 of the calendar year.

For additional information or for comments contact the Keeper of the TWIC: THL John Bartholomew of Flanders


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