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Greetings Outlands Throwers,

Welcome to the new Scorekeeping System for the Outlands.

  • You may use the left side menu to browse through the current standings of the various shoots.
  • You can use the Name Search function from the left side menu to look up your own scores or those of any other archer.
  • If you believe that some of your scores are missing you should contact the Marshal In Charge of the event and verify with him/her that the scores were indeed submitted and when they where submitted.
  • If you notice your name is misspelled, your name has changed, your branch has changed, your branch is listed wrong, you are listed twice under two different names, etc. then please use the Data Form to fill in the correct information and in the Comments area be sure and tell us what needs to be fixed.
  • Help us keep your personal data in the Royal Rounds database as correct as possible, report any errors to your local Marshal.

  • To submit scores you will need to login to this site via the left side menu. You can get a login account by contacting the Archery General, Earl Mika Longbow
  • Royal Rounds scores from TWIC rounds will automatically be entered as Royal Rounds as well only when you choose to when submitting the TWIC score.
  • Scores should be submitted promptly, within 2 weeks of any event or practice.
  • When submitting scores you need to know the following information.
    • Thrower`s SCA Name
    • Thrower`s Mundane Name
    • Thrower`s Local SCA Branch
    • Thrower`s SCA Number
    • The Thrower score for each end shot in the round
  • If you have any problems with these pages contact the Archer General


This excellent online scorekeeping system was developed by Master Jonathas of Atlantia and is now in use by several kingdoms.

Many of the functions are automated and the averages are recalculated each night from the submitted and approved scores. From the time the Marshal In Charge of an event submits scores until you see it reflected online in an archers average should be no more than a week.

This scores site can be accessed directly as http://scores-sca.org/outlands_thrown

In Service to the Kingdom
Earl Mika Longbow

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Disclaimer and Copyright information
This is an OFFICIAL site for the Outlands Thrown Weapons