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Greetings my fellow Hurlers! I am Fynlo MacCane, the scorekeeper for the Kingdom of Meridies. I will be your faithful servant in keeping this site up to date along with the creator of this wonderful site Sir Jonathas. If you believe your score is incorrect, please search your name and check all of the scores submitted along with the dates. Sometimes the scores you were counting on are now over 12 months old.
Please also use the search and look for your name if you have not thrown in the last 12 months. If you have thrown a TWIC within the last year, please contact the Live Weapons (LW) Marshal who was in charge and find out if they will submit the scores. They can submit the scores online, by e-mail or by regular "snail" mail.
If your name appears without the SCA Name, a Mundane Name, a Group, or is spelled incorrectly, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you are a hurler in Meridies, and your name is not on this list, please contact me at the e-mail address above.
How do I participate?
For a description of thrown weapons in the Kingdom of Meridies, please refer the Live Weapons Handbook.
Go to an event that has thrown weapons, and ask the Live Weapons (LW) Marshal if you can throw a TWIC and to report the results (see below). You may need to provide your own target face. Local practices whose schedules are published in a group newsletter count as official.
For more information about live weapons in the Kingdom of Meridies, please go to Kingdom of Meridies Live Weapons Hompage.
What is a TWIC?
A TWIC is the Thrown Weapons Interkingdom Challenge. At the moment, the Kingdom of Meridies does not have a ranking system for thrown weapons. The TWIC, however, allows us to recognize the achievements of our hurlers within Meridies and compare ourselves with other kingdoms
A TWIC consists of three ends each for knife, axe and spear thrown at a multi-color concentric circle target. This target face can be made of paper, cardboard, or similar material, or it can simply be painted on the target backing. The smallest circle shall be 3  in diameter (5 pts.), the next largest circle shall be 8  in diameter (3 pts.) and the outer circle shall be 14  in diameter (1 pt.).
- 5 throws with an knife at a minimum of 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet
- 5 throws with an axe at a minimum of 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet
- 5 throws with a spear at a minimum of 15 feet, 20 feet and 25 fee
How are the standings calculated?
The database averages the three highest scores per weapon type for each hurler recorded in the last twelve months. The tables are continuously updated.
How to submit scores?
If you have scores to report, please either:
1. Update them through the marshals page (if you are a marshal with score keeping authority)
2. Send them to Fynlo MacCane
3. Mail them to Fynlo MacCane
Please include information below if emailed or snail mailed:
- The name and date of the event the shoot was held
- The name of the Live Weapon Marshal overseeing the shoot
- Each hurler s Society name, modern name, and Society group
- Each hurler s bow type, I.E.longbow, recurve, crossbow
- Each archer`s scores for each weapon type, and the total score for the TWIC
Please note:
1. Only two scores may be submitted for TWIC from any given event. If a hurler is allowed to throw more than two TWICs at an event, they may submit the best two results.
2. Scores must be submitted within two weeks of an event.
If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact me.
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Well you always have the option of bookmarking almost any page. But, the easy to remember address for this site is:


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