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Greetings CAIDian Archers!
I Lord Kazetani Tarou Noritatsu, the Minister of Archers, will be your faithful servant in keeping this site up to date along with Sir Jonathas, the creator of this site. If you believe your score is incorrect please search your name and check all of the scores submitted and the dates, sometimes the scores you were counting on are now over 12 months old.
Royal Round

The target used in the Royal Round is a standard, 60cm, five-color, round target face. The round consists of an end of six arrows from each 40 yards, 30 yards, and 20 yards, with a 3 minute time limit. This is followed by a 30-second *speed end, shot from 20 yards. There will be a sighting end of six arrows before each slow end at 40, 30 and 20 yards. In some competitions, the sighting end may be eliminated or the number of arrows reduced.
*speed end consists of as many arrows/bolts you can fire safely within 30 seconds.

Junior Royal Round

This Royal Round variant is used by Junior Division archers. The target and scoring will be done in the same manner as for adult archers. The ends of the Junior Royal Round will be 8 arrows at 20 yards, 8 arrows at 15 yards, and 8 arrows at 10 yards. There will be no speed end for Junior Archers.

Kingdom Ranking

The Kingdom of Caid maintains a system for the ranking of archers. This is determined by the average of that archer's three highest Royal Round scores in any of the recognized divisions during a twelve month period. An archer may achieve separate ranks in each of the divisions. A rank, once achieved, is never lost. Junior Division Archers use the average of their highest Junior Royal Round scores. Junior Division rank will be preceded by the term "Junior". The ranks and score required are described below.

Score Rank Junior Rank
0 - 24 Novice Junior Novice
25 - 44 Bowman Junior Bowman
45 - 64 Yeoman Junior Yeoman
65 - 84 Forester Junior Forester
85 - 104 Bowmaster Junior Bowmaster
105+ Royal Bowmaster Junior Royal Bowmaster

Upon turning 15 years old, a Junior Division Archer must shoot as an adult to attain an adult rank. Junior Division rank/scores may not be used in determining adult ranks.

Standard Scoring

Unless otherwise noted, scoring on a standard FITA 60cm target is from the center, outward, 5 (gold), 4 (red), 3 (blue), 2 (black), and 1 (white).

  • Arrows which touch a black dividing line between colored rings are counted for the higher score.
  • An arrow which bounces off or passes through a backstop and whose location cannot be verified by other archers is given a value of three (3) points.
How are archery ranks determined?

The rank for adults age 15 and over is determined by averaging the 3 highest Royal Round scores during the 12-month period. The rank for youth age 15 and under is based on averaging 3 highest scores. Your rank carries over from one year to the next. You earn a separate rank for each type of bow you use. Please refer to the Kingdom of CAID Target Archery Handbook for more information.

Submitting Scores

If you have scores to report, please either:

  1. Email them to CAID Minister of Archers
  2. Email them to your Regional Marshal, if he eligible to post scores
Please include the following information:
  • The name and date of the event the shoot was held
  • The name of the Archery Marshal overseeing the shoot
  • Each archer`s Society name, Modern name, and Society group
  • Each archer`s bow type (longbow, recurve, crossbow)
  • Each broken out score; 40, 30, 20 yds, 20 yd timed round, and the total score in the Royal Round

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