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Event Shoot Details

Event IKAC 2014 - Open Divisions
Shoot Title IKAC 2014 - Open Divisions
Event Date 9 Feb 2015
Marshal Jonathas Reinisch
Host Kingdom Inter-Kingdom
Host Group none
Total Shooters 373 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Crossbow:20.70 Handbow:31.04

mso-list:l25 level1 lfo14`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman`;mso-font-kerning:18.0pt`> style=`mso-list:Ignore`>I. style=`font-size:24.0pt;mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman`;mso-font-kerning:
18.0pt`>XXXIX Annual Interkingdom Archery Competition


line-height:normal`>By Lorenzo il Confuso `Times New Roman``>, Keeper of the Interkingdom
Archery Competition

line-height:normal`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>NOTE: style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> Following is a detailed note
stating the changes now in effect for the 2014 season (Season XXXIX) of the
IKAC/IKCAC competition. The overall rules document has also been updated to
reflect the new rules

line-height:normal`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>New Rules in Effect for the
2014 Season

line-height:normal`>1) Period
Crossbow division - Period Crossbows may not have a modern style lock nor a
modern trigger.
They must have a
period-style lock and release mechanism. The Lock and Release Mechanism should
be documentable to 16th century or earlier. If there is a question about the
mechanisms being in period, then the Marshal in Charge of the shoot may request
proof or allow its one time use at that event, until proof is provided. Archers
using crossbows that might be questioned should be encouraged to bring

2) All Divisions - Currently,
archers use the standard 5-color 60 cm
FITA target. Upon request of several IKAC shooters, archers are now allowed to
also use 60 cm FITA black/white targets if they wish. These targets can have a
more period look. They are commonly used in mundane archery competition for
Field Archery at distances from 30-60 yards. They can be boug style=`color:black`>ht from most archery distributors, including Lancaster
Archery. The Keeper is interested in feedback of the use of these targets, class=GramE>both positive or negative. NOTE: The use of this target is
entirely optional. Archers can continue to use the usual FITA 5-color 60 cm
target without issues.

3) Youth divisions changes:

- Children division (2013) age 10 and under --> (2014) age 9 and under

- Youth Division (2013) age 13 and under --> (2014) style=`mso-spacerun:yes`> age 12 and under

- Youth Division (2013) distances of 10-20-30 --> (2014) distance of

- An additional note is that archers in the youth divisions may be asked to
move to a higher division during the season, at the discretion of the Keeper
and Deputy Keeper (when a Marshal fails to do so in keeping with the spirit of
the rules)

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>IKAC rules

IKAC consists of seven Divisions: Open Handbow, Open
Crossbow, Period Handbow, Period Crossbow, Yeoman
Division, Youth Division and Children`s Youth Division. The competition starts
on 1 February and ends on December 1.

all Divisions, each Kingdom`s score will be the average of the top 3 scorers.
All scores submitted for ALL archers that participate in the competition will
be shown in the database on the Scores page.

will be given for each Division, ONLY to the top three archers of the winning
Kingdom, except as noted below

the Open Division prizes will be awarded for the 1st place Kingdom (Golden
Medallions) and the Second Place Kingdom (Silver Medallions).

that If more than 100 archers place in any other
division, the Keeper will furnish medallions to the Second Place Kingdom in
that division as well, but this is only if more than 100 archers place in any
division other than the Open Division. It is hoped that this will provide
incentive to have more archers shooting in divisions other than the Open. It is
further hoped that each Kingdom will encourage the efforts of their archers by
awarding further recognition regardless of placement. The final scores as well
as the monthly report will be by the Keeper sent to the Kingdom newsletters.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>THE ROUNDS:

IKAC consists of twelve rounds: two static (or `untimed`) rounds at
40, two timed (or `speed`) rounds at 40, two static rounds at 30, two
timed rounds at 30, two static rounds at 20 and two timed rounds at 20. The
static rounds will consist of six arrows each. There is no limit on the number
of arrows that can be shot in the timed round. Once again: this means that each
archer will shoot at each distance four times, two static and two timed. Note:
The distances must be measured out, not paced.

the Children and Youth Division, the distances are 10-15-20 yards and 15-20-30
yards respectively. The Yeoman Division uses the Adult ranges. Everything else
is the same.

of distances per division:

Open/Period/Period Crossbow/Open Crossbow:

Yeoman Division: 20-30-40

Youth Division: 15-20-30

Children Division: 10-15-20

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>TIME LIMITS:

is no time limit for the static rounds. Each timed (or `speed`) round
is to be in 30 seconds and as many arrows as can be loosed in that time.

archers may begin drawn and aim, to release upon command. The use of a tape recorder
with a recording of the thirty second count-down is permitted for timing the
ends. In shooting a speed end, you MUST draw your own arrows, NO ONE may hand
them to you. If an arrow is in flight at the end of 30 seconds it will be

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>OTHER IMPORTANT RULES:

  1. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>An IKAC has to be shot
    as one continuous shoot. An archer must declare when the IKAC is started,
    and must shoot each end until the IKAC shoot is completed.

  2. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The order of the ends is
    left to the archer or the Marshal, at the discretion of the Marshal, as
    long as each IKAC score is shot as one complete, uninterrupted shoot. For
    example, an archer may shoot two Royal Rounds back to back, and then shoot
    two 30-yard timed ends and two 40-yard timed ends to complete the IKAC
    shoot. The above scenario would be fine, as long as no other arrows are
    shot for any other reason during that time.

  3. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The archer may not pick
    and choose the best ends out of multiple shoots. Each shoot is a complete
    end-to-end exercise, where EACH arrow counts toward the final score

  4. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>Once the start of an
    IKAC shoot has been declared, ALL arrows shot MUST be counted toward the
    score. Ranging shots and practice shots in between ends are specifically

  5. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The archer may take a
    reasonable amount of time to complete a shoot, but no other arrows must be
    shot for ANY purpose (including another competition), once the archer has
    declared the start of his/her IKAC shoot. If that happens, that IKAC score
    cannot be counted.

  6. line-height:normal;mso-list:l14 level1 lfo37;tab-stops:list .5in`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The Keeper of the IKAC
    retains the right to question any score submitted. The name of the
    Marshal in charge of the shoot must be clearly shown on the score
    submission, and a contact number or email for the Archery Marshal in
    charge of the shoot must be provided so that the Keeper of the IKAC may
    contact him or her after the shoot in case clarifications are required.
    Please do not provide the name of the overall Marshal for the class=GramE>event, I need the contact information for the Archery
    Marshal that supervised the actual IKAC shoot. The Marshal must have
    knowledge of the shoot, and its details. If this information is not
    provided and questions arise, the Keeper of the IKAC may decide not to
    count the score submission.
    If this happens, the submitter of the
    score will be informed of the decision, and a mention of this fact will be
    posted on the web site, so that others may provide input, if necessary.
    NOTE: I highly recommend that you enter all scores using the on-line form,
    which will improve the speed of review and posting.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>EQUIPMENT:

must conform to the rules specified for SCA Target Archery. Please refer to
these rules when shooting the IKAC. The official SCA archery rules can be found
on the SCA web page at
style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>www.sca.org style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>, then
click on the `Combat and Chivalry` link. Note: additional
restrictions exist for shooting in the Period and Period Crossbow Divisions.
Please see the appropriate section on this page.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>GENERAL RULES:

may compete in all Divisions. Archers may shoot both recurve
and longbow in the Open Division and enter the Period Division separately. If
you shoot a period style bow, you must shoot separately in Open and Period to
enter a score for both Divisions (i.e. you cannot take one IKAC shot and count
it for both the Open and the Period division, you must shoot two separate
IKACs). Crossbows, both modern and period, may shoot only in the Crossbow
Divisions. Youth and Children`s Division rules are slightly different. See the
Children`s Division paragraph below.

competition may be shot at any official Kingdom or local event (regular
practice sessions which are periodically announced in the appropriate
newsletter count as official events--otherwise, official events are all those
announced in the appropriate Kingdom or local newsletter). Events that fall outside
of the normal IKAC season may be granted official scoring if requested to the
Keeper well in advance in writing (AND with approval of the

may shoot for official score at as many competitions as they can attend, and
may shoot for official score, in each Division, once each day of a multi-day
event. Archers may shoot more than once in a particular Division per day, but
only their top complete round of that day will be officially counted.

line-height:normal`>IMPORTANT style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>: You may NOT pick and
choose the best scores from multiple ends to put together your IKAC score - See
the section above marked `Other Important Rules`. Please pay special
attention to the additional rules now in effect as stated in the section above.
Any score may be questioned by the Keeper, and semblances of impropriety may
lead to a score being questioned or discarded. Although all archers are
believed to be honorable gentles in the Society, enough issues have happened
over time that questions may be raised. It is the responsibility of each archer
to hold himself or herself as well as others to the highest standards of our

line-height:normal`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>NOTE: style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> The Keeper encourages each
archer to proactively ask questions in cases of misunderstanding or confusion
regarding rules or scores. Please feel free to contact the Keeper via email or
phone (see the Contact section) if any questions arise.

setting up and shooting the IKAC, all necessary precautions should be taken to
insure the safety of all archers and bystanders. A warranted Marshal must be
present at each IKAC shoot (an archer who is a Marshal may submit scores for
himself/herself). The name of the Marshal must be submitted along with
the score in order for the score to count. Contact information for the Marshal MUST
be submitted along with the score, in case there are questions with the
submission (see OTHER IMPORTANT RULES section above). This is very important.
If you are a Marshal, please be aware of this. Archers are counting on you for
their scores to be counted, please assist by providing your contact

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>DISABLED ARCHERS:

the judgment of the Marshal in charge of the archery competition, and subject
to the rules of each Kingdom and the Society, allowance may be made for various
disabilities. For example, visually impaired archers may have someone tell them
where their arrows strike the target. Archers in wheelchairs may shoot while
seated. Archers unable to cock their crossbows may have someone cock it for
them, etc.

line-height:normal`>`TheThe open Division target is a
60 cm, five color face.

line-height:normal`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>NOTE: style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> At the request of
several IKAC shooters, archers are now allowed to also use 60 cm FITA
black/white targets if they wish. These targets can have a more period look.
They are commonly used in mundane archery competition for Field Archery at
distances from 30-60 yards. They can be bought from
most archery distributors, including Lancaster Archery. The Keeper is
interested in feedback of the use of these targets, both
positive or
negative. NOTE: The
use of this target is entirely optional. Archers can continue to use the
usual FITA 5-color 60 cm target without issues.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>SCORING

the Open and Crossbow Divisions scoring is: Gold=5, Red=4, Blue=3, Black=2,
White=1. Lines count as the higher score. Arrows passing through, falling class=GramE>out,
or bouncing off the target face count as three points.

is on the honor system: you may count and record your own score.

winning Kingdom will be determined by averaging the highest scores of the three
top-scoring archers for each Kingdom. In the case of a tie, the Kingdom with
the narrowest point spread will be declared the winner.

must be postmarked within thirty days of being shot to be counted as official.
Scores may be submitted after this date by asking for approval from the Keeper.
The final scores must be received in writing by the Keeper no later than
December 31st
. The results of each competition should be sent as soon as
possible after they are shot, so they may be tabulated and each month`s scores
sent out to the Kingdom newsletters. The Keeper`s interest is in recording all
scores however, so if the deadline passes do not hesitate to submit your scores
anyway. The Keeper may contact you to obtain clarification before entering the
scores. NOTE: You are highly encouraged to enter all scores using the
on-line form. This will allow me to review and post scores within 24-48 hours,
as well as make it much easier to enter scores, and to keep track of any

you submit scores in any fashion other than the on-line form, then the
submitted results must include:

of event, date, place, Marshal-in Charge`s name and contact information
(email or phone - must be archer marshal that officiated the archery shoot)
archers` SCA name, archer`s mundane name, archer`s group, archer`s` Kingdom,
scores by end, round and total, type of bow e.g. recurve,
longbow or crossbow (crossbows should be listed as either modern or period
style), and Division. When the Division (Open, Period or Crossbow) is not
included the score cannot be counted. For Children and Youth division
score, you must include the age (as of 1 Feb) of the archer also.

must be typed or printed clearly. You may wish to send a copy of the scores to
your Kingdom archery Officer, but that is left to each Kingdom`s discretion.
Please check your Kingdom`s rules on this. You should always save a copy of
scores submitted for your files, or in case further information is requested
(this is very important, if issues arise). Scores may be sent by e-mail to
href=`http://scores.sca.org/public/do.nothing`> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>ikac style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> scores-sca
org, or by class=SpellE>by snail-mail to: Keeper of the IKAC c/o Andre
Detommaso, 19108 Valley Overlook Court, Knoxville, MD 21758
. Again, you are
highly encouraged the on-line submission form, or at least the Excel
spreadsheet, both available on the IKAC web site.

line-height:normal`>NOTE1: style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> If you do NOT use the
on-line form, then the contact information for the Archery Marshal that held
the shoot must be included with the submission, so that the Keeper may contact
him or her in case of future questions. The Marshal must have knowledge of the
shoot and of the archers that participated in it. Failure to provide such
information may lead to score being rejected, if there are questions raised and
the Keeper is unable to obtain enough information to validate the scores.
Please see the section labeled IMPORTANT OTHER RULES above.
style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>

The Keeper needs to have the breakdown in score for each round. Scores that
do not include this information may be rejected

After the Keeper receives the scores, they will be posted on the web site. The
Keeper receive several thousand scores during a
season, and on occasion mistakes do occur, either by the Keeper or the
person(s) submitting the scores. The on-line form removes the possibility of
mistakes, which is one more reason why you are very highly encouraged to use
it. For other methods of submission, occasionally e-mails are not delivered,
and marshals forget to submit scores. Also some Kingdoms centralize their
scorekeeping and funnel all submissions through one person, which may also
result in delays, sometime substantial. It is your responsibility to make
sure that your scores are posted correctly
. Because people check each
other`s scores, and make decisions on whether to shoot based on the posted
scores starting this year the Keeper may choose to enforce a one-month rule
on corrections
. The Keeper will accept corrections to the scores for only
one month after they have been received or shot, although exceptions may be
made at the Keeper`s discretion if information is provided. There will be no
exceptions after 1 November, however, unless initiated by the Keeper himself.
This means the Keeper will typically not accept a notice in December that a
score in May is missing. Take an interest, and check the IKAC web site to make
sure your score is posted. Please notify the Keeper and/or his Deputy as soon
as possible of any problems. Since we are all volunteers in our Society, please
keep that in mind and always try to be corteous.
Remember that mistakes may not be anyone`s fault, and that everyone, the Keeper
most of all, very much wants to ensure that all archers` scores are posted
promptly and accurately.

As of 2003 I no longer need to know if you are using handbow
`sights` (ie simple limb markings) or not,
although including it in your submission will not cause the score to be
rejected or be prejudicial in any way. I also do not need to know the Archer`s
SCA membership number, although feel free to include the information if your
Kingdom requires it or it makes it easier to submit a score.

VERY HIGH SCORES: Without question, throughout the years by far the most
unpleasant part of being Keeper has been dealing with the flood of emails that
very high scores have generated from others.

run the competition since 2000, and having tens of thousands of scores in the
database, I can pretty much chart the progress of the archers of the SCA at
large, and that of any individual archer who has ever shot an IKAC. But lately
this matter has become worse, and it is my strongly held belief that the constant
doubting of scores is damaging to the competition, because it generates the
feeling that not everyone is playing by the same rules. As proof I can offer
the many letters that I have received from archers who have written to me
saying they are no longer shooting the IKAC for this very reason. Therefore I
have addressed this strongly in a variety of ways.

I firmly believe in the honor system that is at the heart of most of the SCA`s
competitions, clearly something had to be done to strengthen everyone`s belief
in the IKAC as an open and level playing field. Therefore, even though going
forward most scores are entered on-line, I review each
score in detail before I allow them to be posted. I reserve the right to reject
any score for any reason. If a score is rejected, I will inform the marshal of
the fact and try to get more information regarding individual scores if they
are well outside the mean.
I would like to accept all scores, but the
integrity of the competition will take precedence no matter what. In the end, I
personally guarantee to each and every archer in the SCA that everyone in the
competition is playing by the same rules, and my guarantee will include
personal observation, wherever required. So going forward you can safely assume
that if a score is posted, it deserves to be there.

mso-list:l25 level1 lfo14`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>II. style=`mso-spacerun:yes`> style=`font-size:18.0pt;mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>DIVISIONS

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>OPEN HANDBOW

the Open Handbow Division, recurves
and longbows, both period and modern, may compete by the standard SCA class=SpellE>Handbow
rules. There is no poundage limit. The rounds and
general rules are the same for all Divisions.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>OPEN CROSSBOW DIVISION

modern and period style crossbows may compete in the Open Crossbow Division. Crossbows
may compete only in the crossbow Divisions

compound crossbows. Sights are allowed as specified in the SCA rules. Crossbow
and bolt must conform to the SCA archery rules. There is no minimum or maximum
weight for the prod. Any type of lock mechanism is allowed. The crossbow may be
shot from any position. But the crossbow may be held only by the hands, not on
sandbags, etc. Slings are not allowed for shooting, but may be used to carry
the crossbow.

is no limit to the number of bolts that may be shot in the speed ends. The
target and scoring are the same as in the Open Division.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>PERIOD HANDBOW DIVISION

main intent of the Period Division is to encourage the use and construction of
gear with a more period appearance in our SCA archery. Period style longbows or
recurves may still be shot in the Open Division as

line-height:normal`> style=`font-size:14.0pt;mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>PERIOD

line-height:normal`>Period Crossbows may not have a
modern style lock nor a modern trigger. They must have
a period-style lock and release mechanism. The Lock and Release Mechanism
should be documentable to 16th century or earlier. If there is a question about
the mechanisms being in period, then the Marshal in Charge of the shoot may
request proof or allow its one time use at that event, until proof is provided.
Archers using crossbows that might be questioned should be encouraged to bring

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>PERIOD DIVISION EQUIPMENT

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>ARROWS:

shafts of any wood, cane or bamboo are allowed. Fletching must be of feathers.
Except for crossbows, which may use other materials used in
period for bolts, such as parchment, etc.
Crossbows may use either
period style bolts or cut down wood arrow shafts. Points may be of any style
except for broadheads.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>BOWS:

style recurves and longbows of any material are
allowed. Modern style recurves or longbows with
full or partial center cut risers are not allowed.
There is no weight
limit, maximum or minimum. Crossbows will shoot only in the Crossbow Divisions.

style bows are defined as: Any style of bow that can be documented as used in
pre 1600 archery, from Stone age bows to English
longbows. Construction materials should be mainly those that were used in
period for the making of that style of bow. Modern materials such as synthetic
glues, finishes, fibers (strings) or artificial sinew are allowed as long as
their use does not give an unfair advantage in performance over period
materials. Fiberglass may be used as a substitute for horn and or sinew in the
construction of period style recurve bows such as
Arab, Turkish, Mongol, etc., but no modern features such as full or partial
center cut handles are allowed. This last is important. Many modern longbows
have some center-cut on their handle part (riser in a recurve).
If that is the case, the bow is not allowed in the Period division. A class=SpellE>protuding
shelf resulting from layers of leather on the
handle is allowed, however. The bow must have the appearance of a period
laminate bow. Composite longbows (of different woods or backed with sinew or
rawhide, etc.) are allowed. Bows do not have to conform to the persona of the

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>BOW KITS:

made from kits where the archer does the final tillering
and finishing count as having made the entire bow. Laminate bows where the
archer does the final assembling and tillering count.
Crossbows where the archer does the final assembly and tuning

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>RELEASE AIDS:

may use any period style release appropriate for their bow, but are not
required to do so. For example, an archer may use a glove or tab instead of a
thumb ring while shooting an Eastern style bow.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>STRINGS:

string materials are allowed, as well as period materials. Please exercise
caution for a period material string.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>ARROW RESTS:

period arrow rests are not allowed. Built in full or partial windows are not
allowed. See fuller description above.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>NOCKING POINTS:

period nocking points are not allowed.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>SIGHTS:

of sighting marks on bow limbs is not allowed for the Period Division.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>TARGET:

line-height:normal`> mso-no-proof:yes`>`The style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The five color 60 cm. target
may be used for the period Division.

standard five color 60 cm. IKAC target may be used,
except that the scoring is different. The scoring is: White through blue = 2
points, red and outer gold = 4 points, inner gold = 8 points. Scores for the
Royal Round, Open and Period Divisions may be shot and recorded on the five
color face.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:4`> `Times New Roman``>PERIOD FACE:

line-height:normal`>`The style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>The period Division target is
a 60 cm. three color face.

archers wishing to shoot a more period looking target are encouraged to make
and use the period face. The target is based on the one from the Luttrell
Psalter. The target represents a two ring target with a center peg. The peg was
used to hold the target to the butt. Splitting the peg or pin was the best
shot, so those arrows hitting dead center score highest. The colors are from
the inner ring or peg to outer ring: Or, Vert, and
Argent. It is scored: Argent=2, Vert=4 and Or=8. Four
points are given for a pass through or bounce off.

target face is equal in size to the current five ring,
60 cm. target now in use for the IKAC. The target may be made by hand by using
a compass. The diameters of the rings are 6 cm., 24
cm. and 60 cm. The black line between the rings may be no wider than 2 mm.
Yellow may be substituted for the gold and white for the silver. The class=SpellE>vert
should be a dark green. The back side of a 60 class=GramE>cm., five color target may be used by carefully tracing the

those who wish to visit a print shop,
href=`http://scores.sca.org/ikac/images/PeriodTarget.pdf` target=blank> style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>here is a PDF for large
format printers
with the Period Face pre-drawn.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>GENERAL RULES

general rules are the same as for the Open Handbow

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>PERIOD CROSSBOW DIVISION:

period style crossbows may compete in this Division. Crossbows may
compete only in the crossbow Divisions

be counted as a period style crossbow all the following conditions must be met:
1) The stock must be made of wood. 2) It may not have
a rifle-style butt. 3) It may not have a modern style lock (period forms of
self-resetting mechanisms are fine, however) or a trigger. 4) It may not have

line-height:normal`>Period Crossbows may not have a
modern style lock nor a modern trigger. They must have
a period-style lock and release mechanism. The Lock and Release Mechanism
should be documentable to 16th century or earlier. If there is a question about
the mechanisms being in period, then the Marshal in Charge of the shoot may
request proof or allow its one time use at that event, until proof is provided.
Archers using crossbows that might be questioned should be encouraged to bring

prod may be of any material and there is no minimum or maximum weight for the
prod. The locking and release mechanism may be of any material. The string may
be of any material. Please exercise caution with strings made of period

may be of any wood and are to be fletched with feathers, parchment or other
period materials. There may be from two to four fletches. Nocks shall be self
or reinforced (no plastic nocks).

crossbow may be shot from any position. But the crossbow may be held only by
the hands, not on a sandbag, etc. Slings are not allowed for shooting, but may
be used to carry the crossbow.

target and scoring are the same as in the Period Division. There is no limit to
the number arrows in the speed ends.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>YOUTH DIVISIONS


deputy in charge of the Youth Divisions is Osmond de Berwic.
Osmond can be reached at
scores-sca org

Children division is meant for kids 9 and under.

Youth division is meant for kids 12 and under.

Yeoman division is meant for kids 15 and under.

all of the Youth Divisions, recording the age (as of 1 Feb) of the child is
. The on-line form and printed form are modified accordingly. Scores
without age (as of 1 Feb) will be rejected.

all of the Youth Divisions, the age of the child as of 1 February is the age of
record for this year`s competition. However the spirit of the rules is that
kids should shoot in the division that challenges them most, and marshals are
strongly encouraged to facilitate this. Therefore, if a child who is 9 on 1
February turns 11 during the year, the child can continue to shoot in the
Children division. This also applies to the Youth division, if a child who is
12 on 1 February turns 14 during the season can continue to shoot in the Youth
division. This also applies to the Yeoman division, if a child who is 15 on 1
February turns 16 during the season can continue to shoot in the Youth

NOTE FOR Younger Divisions: Note that shooting in multiple divisions is against
the rules for the Youth Divisions ( up to 15 years of
If a
kid is interested in moving up from the Children to the Youth division, from
the Youth to the Yeomen, or from the Yeoman to the Adult (something we very
strongly encourage, as it is always in the interest of the archer to test
themselves against harder competition
) send a notification to the Keeper or
his Deputy for Youth Archery, so that we can adjust the scores accordingly.
Without such notification, if a child archer has scores in multiple divisions,
it will be up to the Deputy to make a determination in each archer`s case,
based on the scores submitted. In general the guidelines are at that the age
(as of 1 Feb) of the child at the beginning of the season will be given
deference, but if the child for
example shows that they can comfortably shoot at the level of Youth, Yeoman, or
Adult, then the Deputy and the Keeper will review the scores and make a
determination on which division should be the one that counts for the season,
with the other scores being rejected
. Please note that in all such
cases the emphasis is on figuring out the actual aptitude of the child based on
their scores, and the amount of details in the scores (partial results for
example) as well as past scores typically give us a pretty good idea where a
particular archer should compete. But we do recommend that marshals be
cognizant of this issue, and take the initiative to contact the Deputy or the
Keeper in case of children who have shot in multiple divisions. Finally, please
note that the Deputy may accept scores for a child in a particular division for
this season, but based on the child`s performance may ask that the child be
moved to the next more challenging division in the coming season, the emphasis
again being on placing the child in the division that poses the most
appropriate challenge for their skills.

Youth Divisions are meant ONLY to help children get interested and
started in archery and put in the time to start developing their skills. class=GramE>As specifically mentioned in the rules, children who already shoot
at the level of adults should be shooting in the Adult divisions.
who may be younger than 9 but are able to reach 30 yards should be encouraged
to shoot in the Youth division. Youth who may be younger than 12 but are able
to reach 40 yards should be encouraged to shoot in the Yeoman division. This is
not a competition where a very accomplished archer can get yet another medal,
but a competition meant to get kids started in archery and interested in the
sport. This is the spirit of this competition, and I ask each marshal`s
assistance in understanding and meeting the spirit of the competition. In the
interest of the competition, I will be enforcing this last point.

for the Children, Youth, and Yeoman divisions will be limited to 200 or below
style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``> (higher scores will be
rejected). Also, I don`t want to get multiple scores that all hover
around 200, or scores that clearly show the archer came very close to 200 and
stopped to stay right at the limit. I ask you to please respect the spirit of
the competition and understand that the goal of the competition is strictly to
get kids get started and develop. Please assist Osmond and I avoid unfortunate
situations. Those scores will be rejected. I thank you in advance for your
assistance on this.

line-height:normal;mso-outline-level:3`> mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>CHILDREN DIVISION

children`s Division is open to all children age 9 and under (as of 1 Feb)
style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>. However, children that
shoot with adult-sized bows or crossbows should be shooting in the Youth,
Yeoman or Adult Divisions. Children that shoot in the other divisions may
shoot in the Children`s Division. Participants in the Children`s
Division may shoot with either bows or crossbows. The age (as of 1 Feb) of the
Child must be specified when sending in a score report. The target used
in the Children`s Division is the same as the Open Handbow
or Crossbow target. The rules are the same as in the Open Division, except
that the distances are 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards
(instead of 20 class=GramE>,30 and 40). Note that medallions will be awarded in the
same way as the other divisions, i.e. the average of the top three children in
each Kingdom will be counted for score. However, I would be interested in
finding a way to give something to each child that participates. If you have
any ideas on what would be good rewards for children, please contact me.

NOTE: no scores above 200 will be accepted in the Children division. If a score
is submitted for more than 200 in the Child division, it will be rejected.
style=`mso-fareast-font-family:`Times New Roman``>


  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Mika Longbow Unser Hafen Crossbow 369.00 100.00
2 Li Kung Lo Carolingia Crossbow 284.00 70.47
3 Dolan Madoc Lonely Tower Crossbow 266.00 64.22
4 Tymme Lytefelow Wyewood Crossbow 259.00 61.79
5 Erik Erikson the Scout Havenholde Crossbow 242.00 55.88
6 Daffyd of Emmett Caerthe Crossbow 229.00 51.37
7 Evrard de Valogne Wyewood Crossbow 216.00 46.85
8 Ray ap Dewi Northkeep Crossbow 204.00 42.68
9 Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg Hawk`s Hollow Crossbow 197.00 40.25
10 Ygraine of Kellswood Carolingia Crossbow 184.00 35.74
11 Godric FitzEdmond Smoking Rocks Crossbow 176.00 32.96
12 Michael de Lundie Lonely Tower Crossbow 168.00 30.18
13 Elaisse Caerthe Crossbow 136.00 19.06
14 Thalia Ruggenall Caerthe Crossbow 84.00 1.00
  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Darius Freeman Southron Gaard Handbow 342.00 100.00
2 Rupert the Unbalanced Tri Os Handbow 334.00 97.68
3 Loegaire (Loric) mac Lochlainn Phoenix Rising Handbow 289.00 84.66
4 Evan Dunbar Adiantum Handbow 258.00 75.68
5 Alaricus Simmonds Dragon`s Laire Handbow 255.00 74.82
6 Landon Lovel Starhaven Handbow 251.00 73.66
7 Gregge the Archer Roxbury Mill Handbow 242.00 71.05
8 Daniel Martel Forgotten Sea Handbow 242.00 71.05
9 Nest Verch Tangwistel Smoking Rocks Handbow 239.00 70.18
10 Mika Longbow Unser Hafen Handbow 238.00 69.89
11 Madog Llwyd ap Madog Stegby Handbow 232.00 68.16
12 Kateryna atte Hagenes Starhaven Handbow 231.00 67.87
13 Dairenn of Galway Caerthe Handbow 231.00 67.87
14 Ygraine of Kellswood Carolingia Handbow 228.00 67.00
15 Tamie of Southron Gaard Southron Gaard Handbow 228.00 67.00
16 William Cristofore of Devonshire Adiantum Handbow 216.00 63.53
17 Ronan mac Briain Southron Gaard Handbow 214.00 62.95
18 Ryryd ap Gwerstan Loch Salann Handbow 212.00 62.37
19 Konrad von Alpirsbach Caer Galen Handbow 212.00 62.37
20 Wynfrið æt Huntandune Distant Shore Handbow 211.00 62.08
21 Robyn Kirke Castel Rouge Handbow 210.00 61.79
22 Wolfgang Bieneman vom Swartzwald Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 209.00 61.50
23 Stephen the Sinister Dragon`s Laire Handbow 208.00 61.21
24 Ulfr Fra Jorvik Dragons Bay Handbow 203.00 59.76
25 Tryggr Björnsson Wolfscairn Handbow 197.00 58.03
26 Steaffan Shaw Crystal Mynes Handbow 196.00 57.74
27 Louchelan de Hay Caerthe Handbow 193.00 56.87
29 Rinotulema Kuresaare Caerthe Handbow 188.00 55.42
28 Aline de Seez Hartwood Handbow 188.00 55.42
30 Cynedd of Loch Smythe Loch Bheathrock Handbow 187.00 55.13
31 Axylus Dragon`s Laire Handbow 186.00 54.84
32 Kenneth le Beaman Caerthe Handbow 184.00 54.26
33 Ulfr Smidr Stegby Handbow 183.00 53.97
34 Winfred of Heatherwyne Lyondemere Handbow 182.00 53.68
35 Erika Bjornsdottir An Crosaire Handbow 180.00 53.11
36 Michael of Fox Wood Wolfscairn Handbow 179.00 52.82
38 Eadwynn aet Hraefneshyrste Distant Shore Handbow 179.00 52.82
37 Sigound Eisenhaut Castel Rouge Handbow 179.00 52.82
39 Garret Watkyn Abertridwr Handbow 178.00 52.53
40 Alf of Distant Shore Distant Shore Handbow 178.00 52.53
41 Dubhghall Mac Gilla Easbaig Caerthe Handbow 178.00 52.53
42 ((Roy Rash)) Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 177.00 52.24
43 Athelina Grey Seagirt Handbow 175.00 51.66
44 Fromund Aesir Southron Gaard Handbow 174.00 51.37
45 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 173.00 51.08
46 Sveinn Ulfsson Hawk`s Haven Handbow 173.00 51.08
47 Johanna Trewpeny Adiantum Handbow 172.00 50.79
48 Kaitlyn McKenna Shadowlands Handbow 170.00 50.21
49 Martin Whistler Darkwood Handbow 169.00 49.92
50 Hugh ap Rhys Lyondemere Handbow 169.00 49.92
52 Luigi Demugli River Haven Handbow 168.00 49.63
51 Eva Woderose Carolingia Handbow 168.00 49.63
53 Alusdar Ó Labhradha Wolfscairn Handbow 167.00 49.34
54 Vidi Hovdestad Nordskogen Handbow 166.00 49.05
55 Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 164.00 48.47
56 Gwyneth ferch Rees Seagirt Handbow 163.00 48.18
59 Juliana Strangewayes Trysel Handbow 162.00 47.89
57 Arnóra Ulfsdotter Wolfscairn Handbow 162.00 47.89
58 Tysha z Kieva Carillion Handbow 162.00 47.89
60 Mark von dem Falkensfenn Caldarium Handbow 161.00 47.61
61 Osmond de Berwic Stonemarche Handbow 159.00 47.03
62 Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino Caer Galen Handbow 158.00 46.74
64 Brian of Cardiff Dragon`s Laire Handbow 157.00 46.45
63 Thomas of Salisbury Dragon`s Laire Handbow 157.00 46.45
65 Eadgyth of Oldenfeld Oldenfeld Handbow 155.00 45.87
66 Jack of Airedale Lyondemere Handbow 154.00 45.58
67 Cunegonda van den Bossche Hartwood Handbow 153.00 45.29
68 Cristiana Hunter Amurgorod Handbow 152.00 45.00
70 Jon Thomme de Claydon Starkhafn Handbow 151.00 44.71
69 Corban Maculogh Caerthe Handbow 151.00 44.71
71 Janos Katona Aston Tor Handbow 149.00 44.13
73 Gavin Kyncade Marcaster Handbow 146.00 43.26
72 Matthew Nordskogen Handbow 146.00 43.26
74 Tymme Lytefelow Wyewood Handbow 145.00 42.97
75 Patrick of the Quiet Woods Caerthe Handbow 145.00 42.97
76 Robert the Doubtful Carillion Handbow 144.00 42.68
77 Halfdan Langleggr Smoking Rocks Handbow 144.00 42.68
79 Aingeal Inghean Garaidh Loch Salann Handbow 140.00 41.53
78 Michael the Wanderer Oakheart Handbow 140.00 41.53
81 Gerard von Lowenstein Stormvale Handbow 138.00 40.95
80 ((Josh Wisbey)) Politarchopolis Handbow 138.00 40.95
84 William Jakes Adiantum Handbow 137.00 40.66
83 Harold of Hartwood Hartwood Handbow 137.00 40.66
82 Thomas Skeet Lyondemere Handbow 137.00 40.66
85 Mary Champernowne Dragonsspine Handbow 136.00 40.37
86 Brocciardus Damonte Bridge Handbow 135.00 40.08
87 Santiago Rodriquez Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 134.00 39.79
89 Gwalchgwyn ap Gryffyn Blatha An Oir Handbow 133.00 39.50
88 Asher de Lokwode Loch Bheathrock Handbow 133.00 39.50
90 Bennett Redstone Darkwater Handbow 132.00 39.21
91 Eric Morrison Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 131.00 38.92
92 Michael di Giarre Westermark Handbow 128.00 38.05
93 Sefa Farmansdottir Nordskogen Handbow 128.00 38.05
94 Kevenard Llywarch Trysel Handbow 128.00 38.05
95 Christophe Beck Darkwater Handbow 127.00 37.76
96 Gilfridus of Merewyke River Haven Handbow 127.00 37.76
97 Letitia Gardner Politarchopolis Handbow 125.00 37.18
98 Kezia von Holzenhaus Lonely Tower Handbow 123.00 36.61
99 Andrew Arrowkiller Starkhafn Handbow 121.00 36.03
102 Eustace Kilpin Winged Hills Handbow 120.00 35.74
101 Lucas McKinnon An Crosaire Handbow 120.00 35.74
100 Eynon Llangenydd Grimfells Handbow 120.00 35.74
103 Siobhan anEinigh Grey Gargoyles Handbow 118.00 35.16
104 Maitiu Ruadh Aneala Handbow 117.00 34.87
106 Guntrammus of Lestun Abertridwr Handbow 117.00 34.87
105 Paul Stoddard Starkhafn Handbow 117.00 34.87
107 Randal of Camusfearna Hawk`s Haven Handbow 116.00 34.58
108 Rask Ulfbjorn Afonlyn Handbow 116.00 34.58
109 Jeannette de Bois d`Arc Caldarium Handbow 115.00 34.29
110 Seán Ó Labhradha Wolfscairn Handbow 114.00 34.00
111 Elynor Palmer Caldarium Handbow 113.00 33.71
112 Maelgwn ap Cadwgan Blak Rose Handbow 113.00 33.71
113 Grimr St Aldhelms Handbow 113.00 33.71
115 Issabell St. Charles Deodar Handbow 113.00 33.71
114 Dewi ap Owain Spinning Winds Handbow 113.00 33.71
116 Bronwyn of the Kings Field Smoking Rocks Handbow 112.00 33.42
117 Timmur Jochen Loch Salann Handbow 110.00 32.84
118 Kyffen du Spark Dragons Bay Handbow 109.00 32.55
121 Celeste Sarti Ravenhyrst Handbow 108.00 32.26
120 Rafail Boiak Stegby Handbow 108.00 32.26
119 ((Justin Godey)) Vinhold Handbow 108.00 32.26
122 Rachelle Dominique de Brienne Castel Rouge Handbow 107.00 31.97
125 James the Unhinged Wolfscairn Handbow 106.00 31.68
124 Rory Jamesson Caer Darth Handbow 106.00 31.68
123 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 106.00 31.68
126 Arnlief Loch Salann Handbow 105.00 31.39
127 Maurizio Guglielmi River Haven Handbow 104.00 31.11
129 Ken Neth Dragons Bay Handbow 103.00 30.82
128 Andy the Bearded Carillion Handbow 103.00 30.82
131 Magnus Eiriksson Stegby Handbow 102.00 30.53
130 Ross of Merewyke River Haven Handbow 102.00 30.53
132 Yoichi Kukichi Mag Mor Handbow 101.00 30.24
133 Nathan of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Handbow 100.00 29.95
134 Halima al-Rakkasa Hartwood Handbow 100.00 29.95
135 ((Chris Bipes)) Wolfscairn Handbow 100.00 29.95
136 Kazetani Tarou Noritatsu Starkhafn Handbow 99.00 29.66
138 Gwenhwyvar Ywein Roxbury Mill Handbow 98.00 29.37
139 Elena Kiara Caerllwyen Korsvag Handbow 98.00 29.37
137 Annika Mhurchadha Three Rivers Handbow 98.00 29.37
140 Dunkr Ormstunga Loch Salann Handbow 97.00 29.08
141 Adisa Ikorni Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 96.00 28.79
142 Justus ap Dewi Northkeep Handbow 95.00 28.50
143 Henry Radclyf Politarchopolis Handbow 94.00 28.21
145 Brokha Veis Loch Salann Handbow 93.00 27.92
144 Hawise le Wollemongere Seagirt Handbow 93.00 27.92
146 Cehero Oakensword Nordskogen Handbow 93.00 27.92
147 Jean the Hornmaster St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 92.00 27.63
148 ((Seth Vlietstra)) Dragons Bay Handbow 90.00 27.05
149 Alianore de Essewell Abertridwr Handbow 88.00 26.47
150 Osric of Lindisfarne Dragons Bay Handbow 88.00 26.47
151 Marco Shadowlands Handbow 88.00 26.47
153 Zach XXX Loch Salann Handbow 87.00 26.18
152 Felix Feyrer Lonely Tower Handbow 87.00 26.18
155 Sibéal inghean Alaxandair Wolfscairn Handbow 86.00 25.89
157 Jordan Adiantum Handbow 86.00 25.89
154 Catherine of Shirwode Dragons Bay Handbow 86.00 25.89
156 Mikhaila de Berry Darkwood Handbow 86.00 25.89
158 Delwin uxor Dafydd Spinning Winds Handbow 85.00 25.61
160 Ismena Gamel St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 84.00 25.32
159 Jethro Stille Caerthe Handbow 84.00 25.32
161 Gobban Mac Roibeaird Heraldshill Handbow 83.00 25.03
162 Blakey of Dragon`s Hollow River Haven Handbow 83.00 25.03
163 Hermina Matilda de Aninesleah Castel Rouge Handbow 82.00 24.74
164 Ragnar av Ravensholde Dragons Bay Handbow 81.00 24.45
165 Gregory of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Handbow 81.00 24.45
169 Robert atte Blackwell Aarquelle Handbow 80.00 24.16
167 William de la Montaigne Coupe Rowany Handbow 80.00 24.16
166 Wolfrik of Stegby Stegby Handbow 80.00 24.16
168 Thyra Starkhafn Handbow 80.00 24.16
171 Bertrande Fresneau Winged Hills Handbow 79.00 23.87
170 Rebecca Redarrow Wolfscairn Handbow 79.00 23.87
172 Desiderata Del Rio Stormvale Handbow 78.00 23.58
173 Gilmpert of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 77.00 23.29
174 Bree Mac Auley Stormvale Handbow 77.00 23.29
176 Eva Van Oudeachterkel Darkwater Handbow 76.00 23.00
175 Avalon of the Isle Dragons Bay Handbow 76.00 23.00
177 Kim of Stonemarche Stonemarche Handbow 76.00 23.00
181 Hrothgar Breaksword River Haven Handbow 75.00 22.71
178 Roderick de Graham Vatavia Handbow 75.00 22.71
179 Mike of Starkhafn Starkhafn Handbow 75.00 22.71
180 Helyn of Stonemarche Stonemarche Handbow 75.00 22.71
183 Genevieve the Wanderer St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 74.00 22.42
184 Phillip James Loch Bheathrock Handbow 74.00 22.42
182 Emer Korsvag Handbow 74.00 22.42
186 Achmere ib` Tamim Tarnmist Handbow 73.00 22.13
185 Ciana da Lucca Politarchopolis Handbow 73.00 22.13
188 Thorn Gaulti Caer Darth Handbow 72.00 21.84
187 Ezabel de Vaux Caer Galen Handbow 72.00 21.84
189 Lucia of Vatavia Vatavia Handbow 70.00 21.26
190 Bjorn Politarchopolis Handbow 69.00 20.97
191 Florence Watkyn Abertridwr Handbow 68.00 20.68
192 ((Sharon Beresford)) Carlsby Handbow 68.00 20.68
194 Kara of Kirriemuir St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 67.00 20.39
193 Eden Devereaux Lonely Tower Handbow 67.00 20.39
195 Cyeth de Westcote Adiantum Handbow 66.00 20.11
196 Aeveril of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 65.00 19.82
197 Lydia Dragon`s Laire Handbow 65.00 19.82
198 Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands Politarchopolis Handbow 65.00 19.82
199 Chris Ayala Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 64.00 19.53
200 Richard Everett Dragon`s Laire Handbow 63.00 19.24
201 Celestria Ashwood Aneala Handbow 62.00 18.95
202 Kloe of Thira Dragon`s Laire Handbow 62.00 18.95
203 Antonia Fabris da Ravenna Southern Shores Handbow 60.00 18.37
204 Travis of Korsvag Korsvag Handbow 60.00 18.37
205 Ariel of St Basil St Basil the Great Handbow 58.00 17.79
208 Rastis Radoslavov Bacchus Wood Handbow 57.00 17.50
209 Grimr Magnusson Stegby Handbow 57.00 17.50
207 ((Robert Beresford)) Carlsby Handbow 57.00 17.50
206 Havelok Outlawe Politarchopolis Handbow 57.00 17.50
212 Aliena verte Davies Caerthe Handbow 56.00 17.21
211 Seonag nic Griogair Dragon`s Laire Handbow 56.00 17.21
210 ((Ngaire)) Politarchopolis Handbow 56.00 17.21
213 Thomas O Caerdyf Aneala Handbow 55.00 16.92
215 Rufus Tenstone Lost Moor Handbow 55.00 16.92
214 Rachae of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Handbow 55.00 16.92
218 Ronan Suipeal Caerthe Handbow 54.00 16.63
217 Helena the Innocent Politarchopolis Handbow 54.00 16.63
219 Telamon of Crete Dragon`s Laire Handbow 54.00 16.63
216 Danielle of Starkhafn Starkhafn Handbow 54.00 16.63
220 Laura of St Basil St Basil the Great Handbow 53.00 16.34
221 ((Mark Worthington)) Politarchopolis Handbow 52.00 16.05
222 Tiffany Stonemarche Handbow 51.00 15.76
224 Finnr Magnusson Stegby Handbow 51.00 15.76
226 Sable Fogge Dragons Bay Handbow 51.00 15.76
225 Kristen of Dragons Bay Dragons Bay Handbow 51.00 15.76
223 Ro of Abertridwr Abertridwr Handbow 51.00 15.76
227 Kjartan kráka Hartwood Handbow 50.00 15.47
228 Ioin Mkenze Dragon`s Laire Handbow 49.00 15.18
229 Thomas Davidson the Seeker Ravenhyrst Handbow 49.00 15.18
230 Glynyvar River Haven Handbow 47.00 14.61
231 Robert of Ely Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 47.00 14.61
233 Violeta la Fleur Politarchopolis Handbow 46.00 14.32
232 Vera of Stowe Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 46.00 14.32
234 Joan Sutton Politarchopolis Handbow 44.00 13.74
235 Alex of Stegby Stegby Handbow 43.00 13.45
236 Seth Dowdall Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 43.00 13.45
237 Illano Korsvag Handbow 43.00 13.45
240 Victoria H Loch Salann Handbow 42.00 13.16
239 Rhys Gethin Darkwood Handbow 42.00 13.16
238 Viktoria Eisen Loch Salann Handbow 42.00 13.16
241 Michael of Burnfield Burnfield Handbow 42.00 13.16
242 Simeon Wallas Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 41.00 12.87
243 Sebastian of Abertridwr Abertridwr Handbow 40.00 12.58
246 Jacob Redbourne Hawk`s Haven Handbow 39.00 12.29
245 Ana Adamski Darkwater Handbow 39.00 12.29
247 Helayne Politarchopolis Handbow 39.00 12.29
244 Andrew of Korsvag Korsvag Handbow 39.00 12.29
250 Konrad Hildebrandt Aneala Handbow 38.00 12.00
253 Kita Jiru Toramassa Korsvag Handbow 38.00 12.00
251 Monika of Polit Politarchopolis Handbow 38.00 12.00
252 ((Katie Bipes)) Wolfscairn Handbow 38.00 12.00
248 Jack Argent Politarchopolis Handbow 38.00 12.00
249 Solange Sarrazin Shadowlands Handbow 38.00 12.00
254 Rebecca Beaumont Oakheart Handbow 37.00 11.71
255 Katarzyna de Castello Rosso Castel Rouge Handbow 36.00 11.42
256 Jared Falcon Caer Darth Handbow 34.00 10.84
257 Amalia Del Benino Stegby Handbow 34.00 10.84
258 ((Kim Bipes)) Wolfscairn Handbow 33.00 10.55
259 Robert Steven McLaren The Scot Vatavia Handbow 32.00 10.26
260 Alaine ni Deorin Tarnmist Handbow 31.00 9.97
261 Patrick of Merewyke River Haven Handbow 30.00 9.68
264 Neil Greenstone Darkwood Handbow 29.00 9.39
262 Tuathflaith ingen huí Chleirigh Blak Rose Handbow 29.00 9.39
263 ((vanessa Clark)) Politarchopolis Handbow 29.00 9.39
265 Mathilde Hastings Politarchopolis Handbow 28.00 9.11
266 William Kytson St Andronicus Handbow 28.00 9.11
268 Jacques of St Basil St Basil the Great Handbow 27.00 8.82
267 Eleanor atte Walter de Liverpoole Tarnmist Handbow 27.00 8.82
269 Gumuuinus de Eggafridicapella Dragons Bay Handbow 27.00 8.82
270 Rosamond de Montfort Dragons Bay Handbow 26.00 8.53
272 Signy Hrafnsdottir Abertridwr Handbow 26.00 8.53
271 Mario Casaparini River Haven Handbow 26.00 8.53
274 Melinda of Burnfield Burnfield Handbow 25.00 8.24
273 ((Ethan Hunt)) Abertridwr Handbow 25.00 8.24
276 Leahlan de la Haye Dragons Bay Handbow 24.00 7.95
275 Robyn Taylor Ecorngil Handbow 24.00 7.95
277 Siobhan of RH River Haven Handbow 24.00 7.95
280 Hrafn Knutsson Grey Niche Handbow 23.00 7.66
279 Caterina de Matioli Stegby Handbow 23.00 7.66
278 Ines of Stowe Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 23.00 7.66
281 Elsbeth Fereday Tir Briste Handbow 22.00 7.37
283 William atte Walter de Liverpoole Tarnmist Handbow 21.00 7.08
282 Yana of Abertridwr Abertridwr Handbow 21.00 7.08
284 Merewen of Twynham Stegby Handbow 19.00 6.50
285 Leonie de Grey Aneala Handbow 19.00 6.50
287 Colleen of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Handbow 18.00 6.21
286 Aria of Hawks Haven Hawk`s Haven Handbow 18.00 6.21
288 Hrafna-Kára Southern Shores Handbow 17.00 5.92
289 Kathryn Blackhart Tarnmist Handbow 15.00 5.34
292 Safiyya St Aldhelms Handbow 14.00 5.05
290 Morgana Di Alexandro River Haven Handbow 14.00 5.05
293 Dashunegen Aston Tor Handbow 14.00 5.05
291 Cennydd the Wanderer Roxbury Mill Handbow 14.00 5.05
294 Enkara River Haven Handbow 12.00 4.47
295 Everade Politarchopolis Handbow 9.00 3.61
296 Astrid Alexander River Haven Handbow 9.00 3.61
297 Safiya bint al-Shahid St Ursula Handbow 8.00 3.32
298 Eyfura Eydisandottir Politarchopolis Handbow 8.00 3.32
299 ((Charles Stone)) Darkwood Handbow 4.00 2.16
300 Alicia Marie de Flers Carlsby Handbow 2.00 1.58
301 Amairgein Mac Coachloaich Caer Darth Handbow 0.00 1.00

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