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Event Shoot Details

Event IKAC 2017 - Period Divisions
Shoot Title IKAC 2017 - Period Divisions
Event Date 18 Jan 2018
Marshal DBA Jonathas
Host Kingdom Inter-Kingdom
Host Group none
Total Shooters 344 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Crossbow:23.83 Handbow:42.13

XXXXX Annual Interkingdom Archery Competition


This is the 50th year of the IKAC. Come play with us. The rules have been revised. The shoot is the same 12 rounds but please look over the rules as minor changes may have occurred. The main changes are as follows.

The 200 point rule for young archer divisions has been removed. We have added a threshold score to help advance gifted young archers to the next division in its place.

All scores must be posted electronically through the IKAC web site. We live in a digital world. Exceptions need to contact me (Keeper of the IKAC) directly.

The season still opens Feb 1 and closes Dec 1. But all scores must be in by Dec 8th. This will be so we can hopefully get the medallion out before 12th night.

Medallions are now given out for 1st and 2nd place in all seven archery divisions. I feel this will encourage more archers to shoot and allow more archers to reap the rewards of their efforts.
The SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook has been updated October 2016 and the rules have been updated to reference them as opposed to rewriting them again here.

Lastly I have a different philosophy than the last keeper of the IKAC. Scores that are submitted will be checked for errors, such as odd numbers in a period score (period shoots only have even numbers) or a score over 30 in a static end. Those will be returned to be corrected. High scores will be looked at, checked and if it seems out of line with the archer, they may be questioned in an email to the marshal to verify that all is correct and then it will be posted. If I receive question on scores that have been approved we can discuss them on the SCA Target Archery Site and/or Quivers and Quarrels. Great scores should be talked about not hidden from sight and forgotten. I believe in the honor of the SCA and what it stands for. It is up to all of us to keep it so. For those that have left the IKAC because you believe a score is unreal or they must not be playing by the rules I hear you. Twenty years ago when I saw some of the crossbow scores, I had some of those thoughts myself. Now I am one of the one that I am sure others question my scores. Let’s talk, let us learn, and let us improve. For those that have left the IKAC because your scores or your friend’s scores were not posted or you were getting no response at all, come back. Give us a chance, let us show you the difference as to how we are now.


The IKAC consists of seven Divisions: to include four Adult Divisions (Open Handbow, Open Crossbow, Period Handbow, Period Crossbow) and three Young Archer Divisions (Yeoman Division, Youth Division and Child Division. )The competition starts on 1 February and ends on December 1.

In all Divisions, each Kingdom`s score will be the average of the top 3 scorers. All scores submitted for ALL archers that participate in the competition will be shown in the database on the Scores page. http://www.scores-sca.org/ikac

In ALL division prizes will be awarded for the 1st place Kingdom (Golden Medallions) and the Second Place Kingdom (Silver Medallions). The winning Kingdom will be determined by averaging the highest scores of the three top-scoring archers for each Kingdom. In the case of a 1st place tie in a division both Kingdoms will be awarded 1st place Medallions and no 2nd place medallions will be awarded for that division. In cases of 2nd place ties in a division both kingdoms will be awarded 2nd place medallions.


The IKAC consists of twelve rounds: two static (or `untimed`) rounds, and two 30 second timed (or `speed`) rounds at 3 distances 20, 30 and 40 yards. The static rounds will consist of six arrows each. There is no limit on the number of arrows that can be shot in the 30 second timed round. Once again: this means that each archer will shoot at each distance four times, two static and two timed. Note: The distances must be measured out, not paced.

For the Children and Youth Divisions, the distances are 10-15-20 yards and 15-20-30 yards respectively. The Yeoman Division uses the Adult ranges. Everything else is the same.

Summary of distances per division:

  • Adult Divisions

    • Open Handbow/Period Handbow/Period Crossbow/Open Crossbow

    • 2 rounds static (6 arrows) @ 20, 30, & 40 yards

    • 2 rounds 30 second timed @ 20, 30, & 40 yards

  • Young Archer Divisions

    • Rounds remain the same. The distances change as indicated below

    • Yeoman Division: 20-30-40

    • Youth Division: 15-20-30

    • Children Division: 10-15-20


There is no time limit for the static rounds. Each timed (or `speed`) round is 30 seconds and as many arrows as can be loosed in that time.

The archers may begin drawn and aim, to release upon command. The use of a tape recorder with a recording of the thirty second count-down is permitted for timing the ends. In shooting a speed end, you MUST draw your own arrows, NO ONE may hand them to you. If an arrow is in flight at the end of 30 seconds it will be counted.

Any arrow or bolt released before the start or after the end of the 30 second time limit causes the archer to loses their highest scoring arrow or bolt of that round.


Archers may compete in all Divisions. Archers may shoot both recurve and longbow in the Open Handbow Division. If you shoot a period style bow, you must shoot separately in Open and Period to enter a score for both Divisions (i.e. you cannot take one IKAC shot and count it for both the Open and the Period division, you must shoot two separate IKACs). Crossbows, both modern and period, may shoot only in the Crossbow Divisions. In the Young Archer Divisions you may only compete in one of the categories (children, youth or yeoman)

The competition may be shot at any official Kingdom, Local event, or recognized practice (published in a newsletter or online E-list / page generally recognized by the local group). Events that fall outside of the normal IKAC season may be granted official scoring if requested to the Keeper well in advance in writing AND with approval of the Keeper.

Archers may shoot for official score at as many competitions as they can attend, and may shoot for official score, in each Division, once each day of a multi-day event. Archers may shoot more than once in a particular Division per day, but only their top complete round of that day will be officially counted.

NOTE: The Keeper encourages each archer to proactively ask questions in cases of misunderstanding or confusion regarding rules or scores. Please feel free to contact the Keeper via email or phone (see the Contact section) if any questions arise.

In setting up and shooting the IKAC, all necessary precautions should be taken to insure the safety of all archers and bystanders. A warranted target archery marshal must be present at each IKAC shoot (an archer who is a Marshal may submit scores for himself/herself). The name of the Marshal must be submitted along with the score in order for the score to count. Contact information for the Marshal MUST be submitted along with the score, in case there are questions with the submission. This is very important. If you are a Marshal, please be aware of this. Archers are counting on you for their scores to be counted, please assist by providing your contact information.


  1. An IKAC has to be shot as one continuous shoot. An archer must declare when the IKAC is started, which division they are shooting, and must shoot each round until the IKAC shoot is completed. However, a temporary pause for adverse weather or other conditions may be allowed.

  2. The order of the ends is left to the archer or the Marshal as long as each IKAC score is shot as one complete, uninterrupted shoot. For example, an archer may shoot two Royal Rounds back to back, and then shoot two 30-yard timed ends and two 40-yard timed ends to complete the IKAC shoot. The above scenario would be fine, as long as no other arrows are shot for any other reason during that time.

  3. The archer may not pick and choose the best ends out of multiple shoots. Each shoot is a complete end-to-end exercise, where EACH arrow counts toward the final score.

  4. Once the start of an IKAC shoot has been declared, ALL arrows shot MUST be counted toward the score. Ranging shots and practice shots in between ends are specifically prohibited.

  5. The archer may take a reasonable amount of time to complete a shoot, but no other arrows must be shot for ANY purpose (including another competition), once the archer has declared the start of his/her IKAC shoot. If that happens, that IKAC score cannot be counted.

  6. The Keeper of the IKAC retains the right to clarify any score submitted.

  7. All scores must use the on-line form. Any exception must be approved by the Keeper of the IKAC.


Equipment must conform to the rules specified for by the current SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook. Please refer to these rules when shooting the IKAC. The official SCA archery rules can be found on the SCA web page at:



Upon the judgment of the Marshal in charge of the archery competition, and subject to the rules of each Kingdom and the Society, allowance may be made for various disabilities. For example, visually impaired archers may have someone tell them where their arrows strike the target. Archers in wheelchairs may shoot while seated. Archers unable to cock their crossbows may have someone cock it for them, etc.




The open Division target is a 60 cm, five color face.

For the Open Handbow and Open Crossbow Divisions scoring is: Gold=5, Red=4, Blue=3, Black=2, White=1. Lines count as the higher score. Arrows passing through, falling out, or bouncing off the target face count as three points.


The Open Divisions target 60 cm, FITA field face

NOTE: At the request of several IKAC shooters, archers are now allowed to also use 60 cm FITA field face in black and gold targets if they wish. These targets can have a more period look. They are commonly used in mundane archery competition for Field Archery at distances from 30-60 yards. They can be bought from most archery distributors, including Lancaster Archery. The use of this target is entirely optional. Archers can continue to use the usual FITA 5-color 60 cm target without issues.

Scoring is on the honor system: you may count and record your own score.


The five color 60 cm. target may be used for the Period Divisions except that the scoring is different. The scoring is: White through blue = 2 points, red and outer gold = 4 points, inner gold = 8 points. Scores for the Royal Round, Open and Period Divisions may be shot and recorded on the five color face. Four points are given for a pass through or bounce off.


The Period Divisions target is a 60 cm. three color face.

Those archers wishing to shoot a more period looking target are encouraged to make and use the period face. The target is based on the one from the Luttrell Psalter. The target represents a two ring target with a center peg. The peg was used to hold the target to the butt. Splitting the peg or pin was the best shot, so those arrows hitting dead center score highest. The colors are from the inner ring or peg to outer ring: Or, Vert, and Argent. It is scored: Argent=2, Vert=4 and Or=8. Four points are given for a pass through or bounce off.

The target face is equal in size to the current five ring, 60 cm. target now in use for the IKAC. The target may be made by hand by using a compass. The diameters of the rings are 6 cm., 24 cm. and 60 cm. The black line between the rings may be no wider than 2 mm. Yellow may be substituted for the gold and white for the silver. The vert should be a dark green. The back side of a 60 cm., five color target may be used by carefully tracing the rings.

For those who wish to visit a print shop, here is a PDF for large format printers with the Period Face pre-drawn.


Scores must be submitted to the site within thirty days of being shot to be counted as official. Scores may be submitted after this date by asking for approval from the Keeper. The final scores must be received to the IKAC site no later than December 8th. The results of each competition should be sent as soon as possible after they are shot, so they may be tabulated and posted. The Keeper`s interest is in recording all scores however, so if the 30 deadline passes do not hesitate to submit your scores anyway. The Keeper may contact you to obtain clarification before entering the scores. NOTE: All scores must use the on-line form. Any exception must be approved by the Keeper of the IKAC.

If you submit scores in any fashion other than the on-line form, then the submitted results must include:

  1. Name of event, date, place, Marshal-in Charge`s name and contact information (email or phone - must be archer marshal that officiated the archery shoot), archers` SCA name, archer`s mundane name, archer`s group, archer`s` Kingdom, scores by end, round and total, type of bow e.g. recurve, longbow or crossbow (crossbows should be listed as either modern or period style), and Division. When the Division (Open, Period or Crossbow) is not included the score cannot be counted. For Children and Youth division score, you must include the age (as of 1 Feb) of the archer also

  2. Information must be typed or printed clearly. You may wish to send a copy of the scores to your Kingdom archery Officer, but that is left to each Kingdom`s discretion. Please check your Kingdom`s rules on this. You should always save a copy of scores submitted for your files, or in case further information is requested (this is very important, if issues arise). Scores may be sent by e-mail to ikac -at- scores-sca -dot- org. You are highly encouraged the on-line submission form, or at least the Excel spreadsheet, both available on the IKAC web site.

  3. The Keeper needs to have the breakdown in score for each round. Scores that do not include this information may be rejected.



In the Open Handbow Division, recurves and longbows, both period and modern, may compete using the current SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook. There is no poundage limit. The rounds and general rules are the same for all Divisions.


Both modern and period style crossbows may compete using the current SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook. in the Open Crossbow Division. Crossbows may compete only in the crossbow Divisions.

There is no limit to the number of bolts that may be shot in the speed ends. The target and scoring are the same as in the Open Division.


The main intent of the Period Division is to encourage the use and construction of gear with a more period appearance in our SCA archery. Period style longbows or recurves may compete using the current SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook.They may still be shot in the Open Division as well.

Period equipment may compete using the current SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook.


Archers may use any period style release appropriate for their bow, but are not required to do so. For example, an archer may use a glove or tab instead of a thumb ring while shooting an Eastern style bow.


Modern string materials are allowed, as well as period materials. Please exercise caution for a period material string.


Non period arrow rests are not allowed. Built in full or partial windows are not allowed. However, a protruding rest resulting from layers of leather or other period materials, added to the handle is allowed.


See the standard SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook.


Placement of sighting marks on bow limbs are not allowed for the Period Division.


Nocks shall be either self or reinforced self, or period style inset nocks, for wood, bamboo or reed arrows. They may be of any materials that are similar in appearance to period materials and also similar in style. Plastic nocks are not allowed for period handbow division.


Only period style crossbows may compete using the standard SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook in this Division.

The crossbow may be shot from any position. But the crossbow may be held only by the hands, not on a sandbag, etc.

Slings are not allowed for shooting, but may be used to carry the crossbow.

The target and scoring are the same as in the Period Division. There is no limit to the number arrows in the speed ends.


The deputy in charge of the Young Archer Divisions is Osmond de Berwic. Osmond can be reached at ikac_youth scores-sca org

In all of the Young Archer Divisions, recording the age (as of 1 Feb) of the child is mandatory. The on-line form and printed form are modified accordingly. Scores without age will be rejected.

You may only compete in one division per season:

  • The Children division is meant for kids 9 and under.

  • The Youth division is meant for kids 12 and under.

  • The Yeoman division is meant for kids 15 and under.

The Young Archer Divisions are meant to help children get interested and started in archery and put in the time to start developing their skills. Children who already shoot at the level of adults should be shooting in the Adult divisions. Children who may be younger than 9 but are able to reach 30 yards should be encouraged to shoot in the Youth division. Youth who may be younger than 12 but are able to reach 40 yards should be encouraged to shoot in the Yeoman division. This is not a competition where a very accomplished archer can get yet another medal, but a competition meant to get kids started in archery and interested in the sport. This is the spirit of this competition, and I ask each marshal`s assistance in understanding and meeting the spirit of the competition.

To this end the IKAC has set thresholds scores for the Young Archer Divisions scores well above what the normal child shoots in that division. Once they cross that threshold score they are allowed to finish out the season in that division but the following season they will be moved up to the next higher Division. These threshold scores are as follows:

  • Children Division: 100

  • Youth Division: 120

  • Yeoman Division: 140

If the Child is interested in moving up in the middle of the season from the Children to the Youth division, from the Youth to the Yeomen, or from the Yeoman to the Adult. Send a notification to the Keeper or his Deputy for Youth Archery, so that we can adjust the scores accordingly.


The Children`s Division is open to all children age 9 and under (as of 1 Feb). Participants in the Children`s Division may shoot with either bows or crossbows. The age (as of 1 Feb) of the Child must be specified when sending in a score report. The target used in the Children`s Division is the same as the Open Handbow. The rules are the same as in the Open Division, except that the distances are 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards (instead of 20,30 and 40). Note that medallions will be awarded in the same way as the other divisions, i.e. the average of the top three children in each Kingdom will be counted for score. Children that shoot in the other divisions may not shoot in the Children`s Division. Children that shoot a score of 100 or above must move to the Youth Division the following season, but may finish the current season in this division.


The Youth`s Division is open to all children age 10 to 12(as of 1 Feb). Participants in the Youth`s Division may shoot with either bows or crossbows. The age (as of 1 Feb) of the Child must be specified when sending in a score report. The target used in the Youth`s Division is the same as the Open Handbow. The rules are the same as in the Open Division, except that the distances are 15 yards, 20 yards and 30 yards (instead of 20, 30 and 40). Note that medallions will be awarded in the same way as the other divisions, i.e. the average of the top three children in each Kingdom will be counted for score. Children that shoot in the other divisions may not shoot in the Youth`s Division. Youth that shoot a score of 120 or above must move to the Yeoman Division the following season, but may finish the current season in this division.


The Yeoman`s Division is open to all children age 13 to 15(as of 1 Feb). Participants in the Yeoman`s Division may shoot with either bows or crossbows. The age (as of 1 Feb) of the Child must be specified when sending in a score report. The target used in the Yeoman`s Division is the same as the Open Handbow. The rules are the same as in the Open Division, the distances are the same 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards. Note that medallions will be awarded in the same way as the other divisions, i.e. the average of the top three children in each Kingdom will be counted for score. Children that shoot in the other divisions may not shoot in the Yeoman`s Division.Yeoman that shoot a score of 140 or above must move to the Adult Division the following season, but may finish the current season in this division.

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Gregge the Archer Roxbury Mill Crossbow 344.00 100.00
2 Robert Thorne Illiton Crossbow 326.00 90.77
3 Mika Longbow Unser Hafen Crossbow 310.00 82.56
4 Seamus McRay Bright Hills Crossbow 305.00 79.99
5 Rupert the Unbalanced Tri Os Crossbow 299.00 76.92
6 Li Kung Lo Carolingia Crossbow 275.00 64.61
7 Tymme Lytefelow Wyewood Crossbow 272.00 63.07
8 Dolan Madoc Lonely Tower Crossbow 254.00 53.83
9 Daffyd of Emmett Caerthe Crossbow 250.00 51.78
10 John de Percy Wyewood Crossbow 243.00 48.19
12 Erik Erikson the Scout Havenholde Crossbow 217.00 34.85
11 Stephan Grimm Stierbach Crossbow 217.00 34.85
13 Kenneth of Shaftesbury Lions Gate Crossbow 213.00 32.80
14 Volk the Grey Glymm Mere Crossbow 208.00 30.24
15 Ygraine of Kellswood Carolingia Crossbow 195.00 23.57
16 Henry of Bohemia Montengarde Crossbow 195.00 23.57
17 Gunnarr Bogsveigir Rivenstar Crossbow 190.00 21.01
18 Sebastian Solinae Fjordland Crossbow 182.00 16.90
19 Rodrigo De Reinosa Selveirgard Crossbow 180.00 15.88
20 John Buchanan Beyond the Mountain Crossbow 172.00 11.77
21 Avine de Hert Wyewood Crossbow 165.00 8.18
22 Crispin Fletcher Nordskogen Crossbow 164.00 7.67
23 Eustace Kilpin Winged Hills Crossbow 161.00 6.13
24 Eric Morrison Hawk`s Hollow Crossbow 151.00 1.00
  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Rupert the Unbalanced Tri Os Handbow 292.00 100.00
2 Stephan Grimm Stierbach Handbow 276.00 94.44
3 Chris LeStrange Stierbach Handbow 270.00 92.36
4 Evan Dunbar Adiantum Handbow 259.00 88.54
5 Ygraine of Kellswood Carolingia Handbow 254.00 86.80
6 Alaricus Simmonds Dragon`s Laire Handbow 253.00 86.45
7 Thorwulf Bjornsson Fjordland Handbow 239.00 81.59
8 Mykeal Halfdan Thorngill Handbow 237.00 80.89
9 Petrus Rufus Towers Handbow 235.00 80.20
10 Skane Tyrsson Montengarde Handbow 235.00 80.20
11 Madog Llwyd ap Madog Stegby Handbow 234.00 79.85
12 Henry of Bohemia Montengarde Handbow 234.00 79.85
13 Edmund Harper Carillion Handbow 229.00 78.12
14 Leif of Crescent Moon Loch Bheathrock Handbow 222.00 75.68
15 William McFayden Rivenstar Handbow 222.00 75.68
16 Robin Greenwood of Arden Lyondemere Handbow 220.00 74.99
17 Geoffrey of the Reeds Wyewood Handbow 219.00 74.64
18 Mika Longbow Unser Hafen Handbow 218.00 74.29
19 Dubhghall Mac Gilla Easbaig Caerthe Handbow 209.00 71.17
20 William Hawke Caerthe Handbow 205.00 69.78
21 Kenneth le Beaman Caerthe Handbow 201.00 68.39
22 Michael of Fox Wood Wolfscairn Handbow 199.00 67.69
23 Wulfwyn the Silent, of Meduseld Fjordland Handbow 199.00 67.69
24 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 196.00 66.65
25 Kaitlyn McKenna Shadowlands Handbow 193.00 65.61
26 Ulfr Smidr Stegby Handbow 193.00 65.61
27 Winfred of Heatherwyne Lyondemere Handbow 193.00 65.61
28 Ronan mac Imair Ponte Alto Handbow 193.00 65.61
29 Janos Katona Aston Tor Handbow 191.00 64.92
30 Paul Stoddard Starkhafn Handbow 190.00 64.57
31 Gregge the Archer Roxbury Mill Handbow 189.00 64.22
32 Timothy of Shaftesbury Roxbury Mill Handbow 189.00 64.22
33 Miguel de Granada Lyondemere Handbow 188.00 63.87
34 Florian of the Glen Carolingia Handbow 187.00 63.53
35 Ulfr Fra Jorvik Dragons Bay Handbow 182.00 61.79
36 Tonis van Hoorn Montengarde Handbow 181.00 61.44
37 Seán Ó Floinn of the Mists Westermark Handbow 181.00 61.44
38 Gunnarr Bogsveigir Rivenstar Handbow 181.00 61.44
39 Simon Fisc Wyewood Handbow 180.00 61.09
40 William de la Montaigne Coupe Rowany Handbow 179.00 60.75
41 Dairenn of Galway Caerthe Handbow 178.00 60.40
42 Jamil al`Wadi Caerthe Handbow 176.00 59.71
43 Jack of Airedale Lyondemere Handbow 173.00 58.66
44 Wazo of Ambledune upon Skye Politarchopolis Handbow 173.00 58.66
45 William Thorsson Silver Keep Handbow 172.00 58.32
46 Kolbrandr Haukr Oldenfeld Handbow 171.00 57.97
47 ((Seth Vlietstra)) Dragons Bay Handbow 169.00 57.27
48 Ragnvaldr of Rendlesham Aarquelle Handbow 168.00 56.93
49 Shane Bax Aston Tor Handbow 166.00 56.23
50 Phillip Qurttmano Nordskogen Handbow 166.00 56.23
51 Bubba of Wolfhou Flaming Gryphon Handbow 159.00 53.80
52 Heinrich Schreiber Politarchopolis Handbow 159.00 53.80
53 Rebecca of Lyondemere Lyondemere Handbow 157.00 53.11
54 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 156.00 52.76
55 Eric Morrison Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 155.00 52.41
56 Bartholomew Reynold Codlin Windale Handbow 155.00 52.41
57 Tamsyn Sutherland Silver Keep Handbow 154.00 52.06
58 Albrecht Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 154.00 52.06
59 Aingeal Inghean Garaidh Loch Salann Handbow 150.00 50.67
60 Vidi Hovdestad Nordskogen Handbow 150.00 50.67
61 Gwenhwyvar Ywein Roxbury Mill Handbow 148.00 49.98
62 Havelok Outlawe Politarchopolis Handbow 147.00 49.63
63 Patrick of the Quiet Woods Caerthe Handbow 144.00 48.59
64 Sibéal inghean Alaxandair Wolfscairn Handbow 144.00 48.59
65 Cynedd of Loch Smythe Loch Bheathrock Handbow 144.00 48.59
66 Stephen de la Bere Selveirgard Handbow 144.00 48.59
67 Randal of Camusfearna Hawk`s Haven Handbow 143.00 48.24
68 Caelan mac Oduinn Thor`s Mountain Handbow 137.00 46.16
69 Odo Cranicwritere Fjordland Handbow 137.00 46.16
70 Disa of Calanais Calanais Nuadh Handbow 136.00 45.81
71 Ívarr Eiríksson Wolfscairn Handbow 136.00 45.81
72 Rhys ab Ismael Llygad Ryfedd Caer Anterth Mawr Handbow 136.00 45.81
73 Ken Neth Dragons Bay Handbow 135.00 45.46
74 Owen ap Howell Gryphone`s Lair Handbow 133.00 44.77
75 Kevin the Broken Thor`s Mountain Handbow 133.00 44.77
76 Avalon of the Isle Dragons Bay Handbow 132.00 44.42
77 Ian the Bane Vulpine Reach Handbow 132.00 44.42
78 James the Unhinged Wolfscairn Handbow 131.00 44.07
79 Sveinn Ulfsson Hawk`s Haven Handbow 128.00 43.03
80 Seán Ó Labhradha Wolfscairn Handbow 128.00 43.03
81 Robert the Doubtful Carillion Handbow 128.00 43.03
82 Giulia Stanizi Glymm Mere Handbow 128.00 43.03
83 Rebecca Redarrow Wolfscairn Handbow 127.00 42.68
84 ((Chris Bipes)) Wolfscairn Handbow 127.00 42.68
85 Aeveril of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 126.00 42.34
86 Edward LeKervere Windy Meads Handbow 125.00 41.99
87 Wulfric Greycloak Burnfield Handbow 124.00 41.64
88 Sefa Farmansdottir Nordskogen Handbow 124.00 41.64
89 Thomas of Salisbury Dragon`s Laire Handbow 123.00 41.29
90 Michael the Wanderer Oakheart Handbow 123.00 41.29
91 Richard Brewer Oldenfeld Handbow 123.00 41.29
92 Sabine Crespelle Loch Salann Handbow 122.00 40.95
93 Wolfgang von Tolstat Silver Keep Handbow 122.00 40.95
94 Owain the Younger Lonely Tower Handbow 122.00 40.95
95 Olivia Scarritt Loch Bheathrock Handbow 120.00 40.25
96 Ian Fitzwalker Starkhafn Handbow 120.00 40.25
97 Casamira Jawjalny Loch Salann Handbow 119.00 39.91
98 Andreas Cloondara Handbow 119.00 39.91
99 Aliena verte Davies Caerthe Handbow 118.00 39.56
100 Dagfinnr Jarnuaga Bright Hills Handbow 117.00 39.21
101 Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn` Jararvellir Handbow 117.00 39.21
102 Houjou Ayame Myrgan Wood Handbow 116.00 38.86
103 ((Nick Nuttycombe)) Caer Galen Handbow 115.00 38.52
104 ((Phillip Park)) Tir Briste Handbow 112.00 37.47
105 Ismena Gamel St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 111.00 37.13
106 Letitia Gardner Politarchopolis Handbow 111.00 37.13
107 Rafail Boiak Stegby Handbow 110.00 36.78
108 Coenrad Oerikssone River Haven Handbow 110.00 36.78
109 Gobban Mac Roibeaird Heraldshill Handbow 108.00 36.08
110 Tysha z Kieva Carillion Handbow 107.00 35.74
111 Asa Nordoster Montengarde Handbow 107.00 35.74
112 Fynlo MacCane Tir Briste Handbow 107.00 35.74
113 Mustafa Kamal of Antioch Caer Galen Handbow 106.00 35.39
114 Tyler Brandvold Silver Keep Handbow 106.00 35.39
115 Taliesin of Archenfield Flaming Gryphon Handbow 106.00 35.39
116 Cailleach de Clannach Stonemarche Handbow 105.00 35.04
117 Wencenedl of Rokesburg Ramshaven Handbow 105.00 35.04
118 Rose of Wolfscairn Wolfscairn Handbow 105.00 35.04
119 Fortune Farrell Forth Castle Handbow 105.00 35.04
120 Tormod Politarchopolis Handbow 104.00 34.69
121 Magnus Eiriksson Stegby Handbow 103.00 34.35
122 Ennder Alguds Hawk`s Haven Handbow 103.00 34.35
123 Octavio de Flores Oldenfeld Handbow 101.00 33.65
124 Eden Devereaux Lonely Tower Handbow 101.00 33.65
125 ((Matthew Vlietstra)) Dragons Bay Handbow 101.00 33.65
126 Alexander Cochrane Dragons Bay Handbow 101.00 33.65
127 Tigernan Flann Forgotten Sea Handbow 99.00 32.96
128 Conrad Engelhart Beau Fort Handbow 97.00 32.26
129 Lorenzo di Leone Salvini Glyn Dwfn Handbow 97.00 32.26
130 Elian of the Fellswood Carolingia Handbow 97.00 32.26
131 ((Matt Baudino)) Nordskogen Handbow 96.00 31.92
132 ((Peter)) Rowany Handbow 93.00 30.87
133 Karl Marcus Wolfgang III Druim Doineann Handbow 93.00 30.87
134 ((Casey Brown)) Westermark Handbow 92.00 30.53
135 Aneka Gretadotter Rivenwood Tower Handbow 91.00 30.18
136 Cainnech Mac Raith Stegby Handbow 91.00 30.18
137 ((Darcy Traynor)) Caer Galen Handbow 90.00 29.83
138 Etain O`Rowarke Selveirgard Handbow 89.00 29.48
139 Henry Radclyf Politarchopolis Handbow 88.00 29.14
140 Alison Winter Carolingia Handbow 87.00 28.79
141 Crispin Sexi Politarchopolis Handbow 87.00 28.79
142 Thomas the Brewer Hawk`s Haven Handbow 87.00 28.79
143 Bastian Oldenfeld Handbow 85.00 28.09
144 Briana of Roxbury Mill Roxbury Mill Handbow 85.00 28.09
145 Guido of Axebridge Talmere Handbow 83.00 27.40
146 Claybourne Lister Wolfscairn Handbow 83.00 27.40
147 Tangwystl Angharad verch Rhys Caerthe Handbow 82.00 27.05
148 Jay the Silent Glyn Dwfn Handbow 82.00 27.05
149 Amelot la Verreniere Caer Galen Handbow 82.00 27.05
150 Genevieve the Wanderer St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 81.00 26.71
151 Ailis inghean ui Bhriain Bright Hills Handbow 81.00 26.71
152 Robert the Lost One Thousand Eyes Handbow 81.00 26.71
153 Eric Rycard Jararvellir Handbow 81.00 26.71
154 Jehan Mor Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 80.00 26.36
155 Brokha Veis Loch Salann Handbow 79.00 26.01
156 Felix Feyrer Lonely Tower Handbow 78.00 25.66
157 Corin Anderson Rowany Handbow 78.00 25.66
158 Keridwen the Mouse Rowany Handbow 77.00 25.32
159 Angele de Savigny Darton Handbow 76.00 24.97
160 Dalla Seiokona St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 74.00 24.27
161 Ysabet Loch Salann Handbow 73.00 23.93
162 Lyanna the Blue Towers Handbow 72.00 23.58
163 Ragnarr Olafsson Stegby Handbow 71.00 23.23
164 Rowena Colebrade Caer Galen Handbow 70.00 22.88
165 Bertrande Fresneau Winged Hills Handbow 68.00 22.19
166 Fedelm Dubb Lyondemere Handbow 68.00 22.19
167 Seraphina Caer Galen Handbow 68.00 22.19
168 ((Kim Bipes)) Wolfscairn Handbow 66.00 21.49
169 ((Yvonne Heiser-Taylor)) Aneala Handbow 66.00 21.49
170 Marta Aarnimetsä Handbow 66.00 21.49
171 Osrec Daedeling Adora Handbow 65.00 21.15
172 Jon Dai of the lane Stormhold Handbow 65.00 21.15
173 Winifred of Jaravellir Jararvellir Handbow 65.00 21.15
174 Biorn Atlason Aquaterra Handbow 64.00 20.80
175 Nutmeg Thorne Flinthyll Handbow 64.00 20.80
176 F. Constantinus Puteus Germanicus Caer Darth Handbow 62.00 20.11
177 Felix de Sant Caerthe Handbow 62.00 20.11
178 Mara Palmer Southdowns Handbow 61.00 19.76
179 Alianore de Essewell Abertridwr Handbow 60.00 19.41
180 Wolfgang Bieneman vom Swartzwald Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 60.00 19.41
181 Rinotulema Kuresaare Caerthe Handbow 60.00 19.41
182 Alwin Forgotten Sea Handbow 60.00 19.41
183 Helga Kál in glaða Caer Galen Handbow 58.00 18.72
184 Jon Bjarnarson Nottinghill Coill Handbow 58.00 18.72
185 Conchobhar mac Michil Loch Salann Handbow 58.00 18.72
186 Eadgyth the Archer Bright Hills Handbow 57.00 18.37
187 Marion Fitzthomas Nordskogen Handbow 57.00 18.37
188 Tobias von Ansbach Tir Briste Handbow 56.00 18.02
189 Ahkay of Crystal Mynes Crystal Mynes Handbow 55.00 17.67
190 ((Carrie Slick)) Inner Sea Handbow 54.00 17.33
191 Ramond Merlin Mordenvale Handbow 53.00 16.98
192 Spinti Craig Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 53.00 16.98
193 Finn ua Briain Caer Galen Handbow 52.00 16.63
194 Mathias Vandor Vulpine Reach Handbow 52.00 16.63
195 Dimitri Fjordland Handbow 51.00 16.28
196 Elaine Politarchopolis Handbow 51.00 16.28
197 Rachel of St Malachy St Malachy Handbow 50.00 15.94
198 Marjorie of Windy Meads Windy Meads Handbow 50.00 15.94
199 ((Robert Dussault)) Windy Meads Handbow 50.00 15.94
200 ((Margaret Kimble)) Caerthe Handbow 49.00 15.59
201 Nastacia Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 48.00 15.24
202 Isabella Cavelieri Darkwood Handbow 48.00 15.24
203 Grete Trauernicht Lonely Tower Handbow 47.00 14.89
204 ((Seth Dowdall)) Dismal Fogs Handbow 46.00 14.55
205 Christina Nordleigh Handbow 46.00 14.55
206 Ealusaid Inghean Mahoil Cholum Dragonsspine Handbow 45.00 14.20
207 Hedwyg Nordskogen Handbow 45.00 14.20
208 Amalia Del Benino Stegby Handbow 44.00 13.85
209 Galen Reed Glynn Rhe Handbow 44.00 13.85
210 Christoff Trost Dragonsspine Handbow 43.00 13.51
211 Deirdre ingen Eithne Beau Fort Handbow 43.00 13.51
212 Lyleth Whitrose Lonely Tower Handbow 43.00 13.51
213 ((Megan Hitch)) Owl`s Nest Handbow 42.00 13.16
214 Jennifer of Roxbury Mill Roxbury Mill Handbow 42.00 13.16
215 Orlan Caer Galen Handbow 41.00 12.81
216 Dacia de la Slatina Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 41.00 12.81
217 Ginevra Lucia Di Namoraza Politarchopolis Handbow 39.00 12.12
218 Peter of St John Borderscros Handbow 36.00 11.07
219 Matthew of St Florian de la Riviere St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 36.00 11.07
220 Gabriella Borromei Stegby Handbow 35.00 10.73
221 Everade Politarchopolis Handbow 34.00 10.38
222 Gwen verch David Politarchopolis Handbow 34.00 10.38
223 AElfgifu of Burnfield Burnfield Handbow 32.00 9.68
224 Tails Caldarium Handbow 31.00 9.34
225 ((Regina Montgomery)) Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 31.00 9.34
226 Layla Bint Idris St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 30.00 8.99
227 George of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 30.00 8.99
228 Erasmus Caer Galen Handbow 29.00 8.64
229 ((Sean Montgomery)) Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 29.00 8.64
230 Helena the Innocent Politarchopolis Handbow 28.00 8.29
231 Dashunegen Aston Tor Handbow 28.00 8.29
232 ((Frankie)) Dragonsspine Handbow 28.00 8.29
233 Cuhelyn of Northambre Dragonsspine Handbow 28.00 8.29
234 ((Jacqui)) Rowany Handbow 27.00 7.95
235 ((Shauna Priest)) Politarchopolis Handbow 27.00 7.95
236 Margarita Rossetti Dragons Bay Handbow 26.00 7.60
237 Branwen of Werchesvorde Aneala Handbow 25.00 7.25
238 Merione French Politarchopolis Handbow 23.00 6.56
239 ((Charissa)) Rowany Handbow 22.00 6.21
240 ((Kristine Petterman)) Lyondemere Handbow 20.00 5.52
241 Beth of St. Davids Saint David`s Handbow 19.00 5.17
242 Pvari Caer Galen Handbow 18.00 4.82
243 Chrestienne du Fay Stegby Handbow 18.00 4.82
244 Marnie of St. David`s Saint David`s Handbow 17.00 4.47
245 ((Abraham)) Stowe on the Wowld Handbow 13.00 3.08
246 Elle Stegby Handbow 10.00 2.04
247 Rose Mary Hawk`s Haven Handbow 9.00 1.69
248 Cristoff de Wynter Forth Castle Handbow 7.00 1.00
249 Gail of Stegby Stegby Handbow 7.00 1.00

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