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Event Shoot Details

Event SpringWar
Shoot Title SpringWar IKAC
Event Date 5 Oct 2020
Marshal Tailtiu ghoirt ruaidh
Host Kingdom Lochac
Host Group Mordenvale
Total Shooters 13 in attendance
IKAC shoot held in the morning.

1 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 174.00
2 Havelok Outlawe Politarchopolis Handbow 163.00
3 Yaraslova Solovei St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 136.00
4 Alfhildr of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 132.00
5 Grigorii Luchnik St Florian de la Riviere Handbow 127.00
6 Jude Aleksandr Donesk Rowany Handbow 102.00
7 Ramond Merlin Mordenvale Handbow 80.00
8 Tailtiu ghoirt ruaidh Mordenvale Handbow 72.00
9 Raegan of Lunihawk Rowany Handbow 64.00
10 Cat of Dismal Fogs Dismal Fogs Handbow 63.00
11 Douglas Graham Mordenvale Handbow 56.00
12 Natalia Mordenvale Handbow 43.00
13 Rosalind Beaufort Rowany Handbow 40.00

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