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Event Shoot Details

Event Rowany Festival AS 56
Shoot Title Lochac King`s Round
Event Date 17 Apr 2022
Marshal Ulric of Ambledune
Host Kingdom Lochac
Host Group Rowany
Total Shooters 9 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Handbow:7.43
6 arrows at a standard target face, at least 1 arrow to score to allow the archer to progress to the next round.
Target starts at 10 yards, each successive round is 5 yards further out. If at maximum distance for the range, reduce the scoring rings on successive rounds.
Competition ends when all archers have dropped out.

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 William de la Montaigne Coupe Rowany Handbow 70.00 100.00
2 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Handbow 60.00 83.50
3 Pete de Morgavia Rowany Handbow 45.00 58.75
4 Markus of St Monicas St Monica Handbow 30.00 34.00
5 Everade Politarchopolis Handbow 25.00 25.75
6 Morgana of Okewaite Okewaite Handbow 20.00 17.50
7 ((Lilith)) Okewaite Handbow 15.00 9.25
8 ((Gwilym)) Okewaite Handbow 10.00 1.00
9 ((Yrsa)) Okewaite Handbow 10.00 1.00

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