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Event Shoot Details

Event SSAC - Shrinking Disc - Period
Shoot Title SSAC - Shrinking Disc - Period
Event Date 27 Sep 2018
Marshal Jonathas Reinisch
Host Kingdom Inter-Kingdom
Host Group none
Total Shooters 206 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Crossbow:27.70 Handbow:34.27
This shoot is pulled from the old Atlantian Seasonal Challenge. It was a shoot designed to help archers work on shooting better at greater ranges.

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

Archers will shoot 6 shafts at each distance, the object is to hit the target with at least 3 of those shafts. Archers start at 15 yards. After shooting 6 arrows at the distance, if at least 3 shafts hit the disc the archer moves back 5 yards, repeating until less than 3 shafts hit the disc. At this point the round ends, as the archer has not hit the target 3 times to continue to the next distance. See the Example below. All archers are encouraged, but not required, to continue shooting the longer distances for practice until the round for everyone has ended.

Using a standard 60cm target face. At 15 yards, the entire 60 cm target face is a disc (all 10 rings). Each 5 yards moved back, the disc surface is reduced by one ring (each color has two rings in it). Thus the farthest distance will be 60 yards shooting for the center most ring. Should any archer reach that distance successfully and require additional ends, they will continue in 5 yard increments shooting at the center 10 ring for score.

Each arrow that hits the disc for that end counts for 2 points. The inner rings do not matter, this is only a hit or miss shoot. Any arrow breaking the line counts in the archer`s favor.

In addition the Max Range is the yardage at which the Archer last successfully hit the disc with three arrows.

Printable Score sheet provided by Thomas of Salisbury.

The round runs in this fashion:
- Starting at 15 yards, archer gets 4 hits, worth 8 points.
- Moves back to 20 yards, gets 5 hits, worth 10 points.
- Moves back to 25 yards, gets 3 hits, worth 6 points.
- Moves back to 30 yards, gets 2 hits, worth 4 points.
As this archer hit the disc less than 3 times their round is now over.
(Suggest they continue shooting until all archers rounds are complete)
Their Max Range score would be 25 points as it is the last range they hit with 3 or more arrows.

This shoot was provided by:
The Atlantian Archery Community, for questions contact:Master Jonathas

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Gladius the Alchemist Cleftlands Crossbow 141.00 100.00
2 Mika Longbow Unser Hafen Crossbow 117.00 70.30
3 Michael de Lundie Lonely Tower Crossbow 98.00 46.79
4 Woody of Gwyntarian Gwyntarian Crossbow 95.00 43.08
5 Dolan Madoc Lonely Tower Crossbow 81.00 25.75
6 Plachoya Sobaka Shadowlands Crossbow 80.00 24.51
7 Josep Gautrsson Shadowlands Crossbow 70.00 12.14
8 Padraig MacCraigne Northwoods Crossbow 65.00 5.95
10 Kaitlyn McKenna Shadowlands Crossbow 61.00 1.00
9 Eric Morrison Hawk`s Hollow Crossbow 61.00 1.00
  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Alaricus Simmonds Dragon`s Laire Handbow 100.00 100.00
2 Kezia von Holzenhaus Lonely Tower Handbow 94.00 90.42
3 Iurii Levchenich Adiantum Handbow 85.00 76.05
4 Konrad von Alpirsbach Caer Galen Handbow 83.00 72.85
5 Wintherus Alban Politarchopolis Handbow 76.00 61.68
6 Jamil al`Wadi Caerthe Handbow 74.00 58.48
7 Thomas of Salisbury Dragon`s Laire Handbow 74.00 58.48
8 Patrick of the Quiet Woods Caerthe Handbow 70.00 52.10
9 Katherine Fox Adiantum Handbow 68.00 48.90
10 Kaitlyn McKenna Shadowlands Handbow 66.00 45.71
11 Reimar Erikson Ravenslake Handbow 62.00 39.32
12 Plachoya Sobaka Shadowlands Handbow 59.00 34.53
14 Thorvald Caerthe Handbow 58.00 32.94
13 Roger of Bellebrocton Lonely Tower Handbow 58.00 32.94
16 Nicholas Wolf Shadowlands Handbow 57.00 31.34
15 Morgan Kynith Caerthe Handbow 57.00 31.34
17 Natasha Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 51.00 21.76
18 Maria Castelana Hawk`s Hollow Handbow 51.00 21.76
19 Kazetani Kiyotora Starkhafn Handbow 46.00 13.77
20 Gladius the Alchemist Cleftlands Handbow 42.00 7.39
21 Lorenzo di Leone Salvini Glyn Dwfn Handbow 40.00 4.19
22 John Fetterson of the Misty Hills Lyondemere Handbow 38.00 1.00

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