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Event Shoot Details

Event Coppertree Regional War Muster
Shoot Title Coppertree Regional War Muster
Event Date 11 Jun 2022
Marshal Bjarki Rikardarson
Host Kingdom Aethelmearc
Host Group Coppertree
Total Shooters 11 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Handbow:13.56
War muster shoot consisting of 5 stations. A clout, hanging dice, wands, Period Royal Round target at 20 yards, and 3d animals

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Snorri skyti Bjarnarson Scarlet Guard Handbow 124.00 100.00
2 Elska a Fjarfelli Myrkfaelinn Handbow 118.00 95.05
3 Mary of Harford Myrkfaelinn Handbow 111.00 89.28
4 Godzimir the Golden Scarlet Guard Handbow 97.00 77.73
5 Bjarki Rikardarson Coppertree Handbow 91.00 72.78
6 Hrolfr a Fjarfelli Myrkfaelinn Handbow 68.00 53.80
7 Robert of Ferness Myrkfaelinn Handbow 67.00 52.98
8 Gnaeus Iulius Celsus Delftwood Handbow 47.00 36.48
9 Cormacc MacGilla Brigde Endless Hills Handbow 25.00 18.33
10 Simon a Fjarfelli Myrkfaelinn Handbow 5.00 1.83
11 Vedis Aradottir Coppertree Handbow 4.00 1.00

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