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Event Shoot Details

Event Baroness Wars 6- ToD
Shoot Title Monster Attack
Event Date 25 Aug 2018
Marshal Robert Thorne
Host Kingdom Middle
Host Group Swordcliff
Total Shooters 18 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Handbow:7.53
Shoot the monsters using score multipliers

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Dammo Utwiler Three Rivers Crossbow 127.00 100.00
2 Robert Thorne Illiton Crossbow 98.00 1.00
  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Dietrich von Hamburg Ayreton Handbow 114.00 100.00
2 Aethelwulf of Dover Ayreton Handbow 60.00 53.11
3 Kedivor Offeriot Three Rivers Handbow 22.00 20.11
4 Nessa von Metton Illiton Handbow 22.00 20.11
5 Nadezda Zeczastrizl Ayreton Handbow 0.00 1.00

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