2017 IKAC Awards

Greetings from Mika Longbow, Keeper of the IKAC

Below is the list of Awards given out for the 2017 Season. For the full list please view the Standings page

* --> denotes Division Winners, earn Gold Medallion
** --> denotes Second place winner, or Special Award recipient, earns Silver Medallion

Final Standings for 2017:


  1. * East: 260.33; Rupert the Unbalanced, Ygraine of Kellswood, Petrus Rufus
  2. ** An Tir: 250.33; Eobhan Dunbar, Alaricus Simmonds, Thorwulf Bjornsson

Open Crossbow Division

  1. * Atlantia: 288.67; Gregge the Archer, Seamus McRay, Stephan Grimm
  2. ** East: 256.33; Rupert the Unbalanced, Li Kung Lo, Ygraine of Kellswood

Period Bow Division

  1. * Outlands: 198.67; Konrad von Alpirsbach, Mika Longbow, Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino Kevelioc
  2. ** Lochac: 179.33; Wintherus Alban, Sigmund Spelmann, Szebastian Greenbow

Period Crossbow Division

  1. * Atlantia: 275.33; Gregge the Archer, Seamus McRay, Stephan Grimm
  2. ** East; 244.00 Rupert the Unbalanced, Li Kung Lo, Mikjall Bogmadr

Child Bow Division

  1. * East: 103.33; Aidan of Stonemarche (9), Alaina of Stonemarche (9), Remy of Stonemarche (7)
  2. ** Lochac: 43.33; Liam Alban of Oxley, Angus the Black (7), Sophia Di Namoraza (7)

Yeoman Bow Division

  1. * East: 47.67; Isaac of Stonemarche c (13), Colette of Stonemarche e (13), Emma of Stonemarche (15)

Youth Bow Division

  1. * East: 75; Gracie of Stonemarche (10), Emmeline of Stonemarche (11), Hope of Giggleswick (12)

Combat IKAC Division (IKCAC)

  1. * Atlantia: 213.00; Seamus McRay, Cameron de Grey, Gregor Von Leipzig

I would like to thank all the archers that participated in this year’s Competition.

Medallions for the 2017 winners should be ready to out Dec 15th If you are a winning archer or if you would like to distribute medallions for your kingdom please contact me @ikackeeper@yahoo.com. As usual I would encourage that the winners be recognized at Royal Court, if that is possible.

I would like to thank my deputy for Youth Archery, Lord Osmond de Berwick, for his help and superb performance with the youth archery, Lord Greg the Archer and Mistress Catyln O’ Sullivan for the job as scorekeepers and doing a great job at getting scores posted in a timely manner. I am truly grateful for Master Jonathas, whose work on this site and assistance makes this possible and so much easier.

Lastly I would thank everyone who participated, be that shooting, marshalling entering scores or in some other capacity. It is you that makes this work. The IKAC only grows with all that you do.

Thank you all,
Mika Longbow


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