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            GH3-Shrinking Disc             GH4-Falling Leaves             GH5-Ferrara Ring             GH6-Triangle             New-Anti-FITA             New-Blunts Competitive             New-Double Royal             New-Gordian             New-Nottingham             New-Pokka Dots             New-Pop Cans             New-Popinjay             New-Random Distance             New-Random Stance             New-Renard Round             New-Tir Beursault             New-Total Distance             Repeat-Armored Enemy             Repeat-Falling Leaves             Repeat-Ferrara Ring             Repeat-Five Pillars             Repeat-Golf             Repeat-Grouping             Repeat-Hit & Run             Repeat-Horseman             Repeat-Lucky Target             Repeat-Matching             Repeat-Pass Through             Repeat-Piety/Pride             Repeat-Quarterly&Saltire             Repeat-Roundel Sextet             Repeat-Shrinking Disc             Repeat-Slots             Repeat-Tibetan             Repeat-Tic Tac Toe             Repeat-Triangle             Repeat-Wand             Repeat-YinYang
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            GH1-Yin-Yang             20B -Cancelled-YinYang             20A Quarterly&Saltire             19D Golf Full Course             19D Golf Par 3             19C Slots             19B Tic Tac Toe             19A Horseman             18D Lucky Target             18C Shrinking Disc             18B Armored Enemy             18A Tic Tac Toe             17D Quarterly&Saltire             17C Grouping             17B Golf Full Course             17B Golf Par 3             17A Lucky Target             16D Falling Leaves             16C Tibetan             16B Piety/Pride FINALS             16B Piety/Pride             16A YinYang             15D Matching             15C Grouping             15B Hit & Run             15A Lucky Target             14D Triangle             14C Slots             14B YinYang             14A Horseman             13D Lucky Target             13C 5 Pillars-Accuracy             13C 5 Pillars-Distance             13C 5 Pillars-Injury             13C 5 Pillars-Speed             13C 5 Pillars-Totals             13C 5 Pillars-Unharm             13B Pass Through             13A Roundel Sextet             12D Triangle             12C Wand             12B Ferrara Ring
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This page provides a link to the current issue as well as all archived issues of the Quivers and Quarrels Newletter, the Official Newsletter of the SCA Archery community.

Current Issue

      Spring 2020

Archived Issues