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SSAC General Rules

These General Rules apply to all Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (SSAC) component shoots. The various component shoots will have their own rules and target definitions within this framework.

There are two categories: Open and Period. Each category has two divisions: Handbow and Crossbow.

The equipment rules for the Open and Period divisions would follow those of the IKAC for Handbow and Crossbow with the exception of the Period Crossbow Division which is defined as the following. To be classify as a Period Crossbow all the following conditions must be met: 1) The stock must be made of wood. 2) It may not have a rifle-style butt. 3) It may not have a modern style lock (period forms of self-resetting mechanisms are fine, however) or a modern style trigger. 4) It may not have modern style sights, but may have a period style rear sight only (no front sight allowed).

In addition, there will be a Youth division. Due to the short time frame of each shoot there will only be a single overall Youth Division. This will be defined as: ages 15 and under, and not competing as an Adult in any other recorded Archery Competition (RR, IKAC, SSAC, etc). The ranges, targets, etc, will be defined for each season, some may be identical to the Adult some may be adjusted as needed for the Youth Division.

Questions regarding the competition should be addressed to the originator of the competition, whose contact information will be included in the rules. The rules for each of the SSAC shoots shall be determined by the originator of the competition, but should fall within the guidelines of the General Rules and the guidance of the SCA-Archery group.

The rules for the Crossbow Divisions may vary from the rules for the Handbow divisions. However, the rules for the Open and Period categories will remain the same.

Scores will be submitted to the SCA Scores Site for tabulation within 30 days of being shot, and within 7 days of the end of the shoot so that the final standings may be included in the next release of the Q&Q Newsletter. All information required by each competition must be included or the scores may be considered void, this includes; Event Name and Host, Event Date, Marshal, as well as the Archers Home Group, Mundane, and Scadian names. When a shoot includes negative scores per arrow, total scores for the end may be negative and should be recorded as such. For scores submitted to the Youth Division, it must include the age of the archer.

The winners of each division will be determined only by the single best score (lowest or highest depending on the shoot) of each archer in the division. There will be no `three score average` for the SSAC. No winning kingdoms, only friendly competition among like minded archers. Though kingdoms are encouraged to recognize their archers appropriately.


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