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Current Averages with Period Crossbow

Here is a list of all people who have a current score/average with Period Crossbow in the IKAC - Adult 2019 , and any rank they would have based on that score/average. Note: if ranks are given this is *not* their Official Rank, only the rank based on the current score/average.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 12/18/19

  Name Kingdom Group Weapon Current
1 Rupert the Unbalanced Trimaris Trimaris - Tri Os Period Crossbow 342.0
2 Mika Longbow Outlands Outlands - Unser Hafen Period Crossbow 332.0
3 Gregge the Archer Atlantia Atlantia - Roxbury Mill Period Crossbow 278.0
4 Tymme Lytefelow An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Period Crossbow 264.0
5 John de Percy An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Period Crossbow 264.0
6 Stephan Grimm Atlantia Atlantia - Stierbach Period Crossbow 250.0
7 James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd An Tir An Tir - Seagirt Period Crossbow 222.0
8 Li Kung Lo East East - Carolingia Period Crossbow 212.0
9 Ragnar MacHardy East East - Stonemarche Period Crossbow 206.0
10 Kenneth of Shaftesbury An Tir An Tir - Lions Gate Period Crossbow 196.0
11 Bjorn Ulfsson An Tir An Tir - Glymm Mere Period Crossbow 194.0
12 Dafydd Caramon An Tir An Tir - Glymm Mere Period Crossbow 179.0
13 Bryce MacManus Outlands Outlands - Nahrun Kabirum Period Crossbow 172.0
14 Josep Gautrsson Ansteorra Ansteorra - Shadowlands Period Crossbow 170.0
15 Daffyd of Emmett Outlands Outlands - Caerthe Period Crossbow 162.0
16 Volk the Grey An Tir An Tir - Glymm Mere Period Crossbow 160.0
17 Eric Morrison Outlands Outlands - Hawk`s Hollow Period Crossbow 134.0
18 Camran MacAuley East East - Stonemarche Period Crossbow 62.0

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