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Current Averages

Here is a list of all people who have a current score/average in the IKCAC - 2019 Season , and any rank they would have based on that score/average. Note: if ranks are given this is *not* their Official Rank, only the rank based on the current score/average.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 11/13/19

  Name (Age) Kingdom Group Weapon Current
1 Cameron de Grey Atlantia Atlantia - Storvik Crossbow 108.0
2 Necis of Danzig Trimaris Trimaris - Darkwater Crossbow 104.0
3 Charles Ashton Trimaris Trimaris - Oldenfeld Crossbow 102.0
4 John de Percy An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Crossbow 96.0
5 Chabi Merkit Trimaris Trimaris - An Crosaire Crossbow 94.0
6 August Hermann Konker An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Crossbow 92.0
7 Ulric of Ambledune Lochac Lochac - Politarchopolis Handbow 90.0
8 Rodri Glynglas An Tir An Tir - Midhaven Crossbow 86.0
9 Alberto Trimaris Trimaris - Darkwater Crossbow 84.0
10 Kolbrandr Haukr Trimaris Trimaris - Oldenfeld Crossbow 82.0
11 Philipe d`Artaignon Trimaris Trimaris - Castlemere Crossbow 78.0
12 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Lochac Lochac - Politarchopolis Handbow 76.0
13 Evrard de Valogne An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Crossbow 70.0
14 Havelok Outlawe Lochac Lochac - Politarchopolis Handbow 70.0
15 Mickel of Morganwc An Tir An Tir - Blatha An Oir Crossbow 66.0
16 Knutr of Dun Carraig Atlantia Atlantia - Dun Carraig Crossbow 64.0
17 Leo le firse An Tir An Tir - Wyewood Crossbow 60.0
18 Elionora Michelle O`Keefe Trimaris Trimaris - Sangre del Sol Handbow 56.0
19 Maighread Hekja Atlantia Atlantia - Ponte Alto Crossbow 54.0
20 Judith O`dea Trimaris Trimaris - Starhaven Youth 50.0
21 Styrbjorn Gunnarsson Meridies Meridies - Easaraigh Crossbow 44.0
22 Darri Smidor Meridies Meridies - Easaraigh Crossbow 42.0
23 Jonathan Bowman Atlantia Atlantia - Roxbury Mill Crossbow 40.0
24 Celestria Alexandre d`Amiens Atlantia Atlantia - Stierbach Crossbow 38.0
25 AErinndis grikkfara Meridies Meridies - Easaraigh Crossbow 32.0
26 Margaret Palmer An Tir An Tir - Porte de l`Eau Handbow 26.0
27 ((Ethan Cunningham)) Meridies Meridies - Easaraigh Crossbow 26.0
28 Dyrfinna Vargossdottir Meridies Meridies - Easaraigh Crossbow 20.0

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