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Current Averages

Here is a list of all people who have a current score/average in the TWIC - 2022 Spear TWIC , and any rank they would have based on that score/average. Note: if ranks are given this is *not* their Official Rank, only the rank based on the current score/average.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 9/19/22

  Name Team Group Weapon Current
1 Nathri mac Conaill Meridies Bryn Madoc Spear 31.0
2 Tyme Meridies Bryn Madoc Spear 16.0
3 Fynlo MacCane Meridies Tir Briste Spear 15.0
4 Ælfric Hort Meridies Southdowns Spear 8.0
5 Mathias Blackett Meridies Southdowns Spear 3.0

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