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Group Averages

This page will allow you to select a Group and see all the averages for people claiming that group as home. Principalities and Baronies will also display names and averages for everyone within their borders. Please note that not all kingdoms have their `groups` listed hierarchically on their websites, Cantons included within their Baronies, and Shires and Baronies included within their Principalities. So if you are looking at a group which should include subgroups but does not please contact Sir Jonathas so that the `groups` may be properly listed.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 12/4/22

Local Group
Weapon Type

Averages for ALL Groups in the Kingdom of Lochac

  Name Group Weapon Current
1 Wintherus Alban Politarchopolis Period Bow 212.00
2 Sigmund Spelmann Politarchopolis Open Bow 185.00
3 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Open Bow 169.00
4 Sigmund Spelmann Politarchopolis Period Bow 164.00
5 Brent of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 162.00
6 William de la Montaigne Coupe Rowany Open Bow 133.00
7 James of Bega Politarchopolis Open Bow 131.00
8 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Politarchopolis Period Bow 118.00
9 Ty of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 117.00
10 William de Walford Aneala Open Bow 117.00
11 ((Kevin Girard)) Dismal Fogs Open Bow 117.00
12 Heinrich Schreiber Politarchopolis Period Bow 114.00
13 Charlotte Duran Politarchopolis Open Bow 112.00
14 Baldric Politarchopolis Open Bow 108.00
15 Jochen Schwalbe Adora Open Bow 108.00
16 Mabel Keifer Politarchopolis Open Bow 99.00
17 Rosalind Beaufort Rowany Open Bow 85.00
18 Rosa Askell Politarchopolis Period Bow 84.00
19 Pete de Morgavia Rowany Open Bow 75.00
20 Agostino Tamburri Aneala Open Bow 74.00
21 Crispin Sexi Politarchopolis Open Bow 71.00
22 ((Jamie Cook)) Aneala Open Bow 70.00
23 ((Harley Baker)) Politarchopolis Open Bow 67.00
24 Liss of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 66.00
25 Mabel Keifer Politarchopolis Period Bow 66.00
26 Ronan of Stormhold Stormhold Open Bow 65.00
27 Conrad Sturmere Rowany Open Bow 65.00
28 Constantin St Ursula Open Bow 63.00
29 Markus of St Monicas St Monica Open Bow 59.00
30 Nathan Blacktower Aneala Open Bow 58.00
31 Everade Politarchopolis Open Bow 57.00
32 ((Emma Homes)) Aneala Open Bow 53.00
33 ((James Turner)) St Basil the Great Open Bow 51.00
34 Erwin Van Amstel Dismal Fogs Open Bow 50.00
35 Georgine de Lindsey Aneala Open Bow 46.00
36 Juliana de Northwood Rowany Open Bow 44.00
37 Marcella DeLille Politarchopolis Open Bow 43.00
38 Wolfstanus Crakescheld Rowany Open Bow 42.00
39 ((Jenna Strusz)) Politarchopolis Open Bow 38.00
40 Isobella de Bordeaux Torlyon Open Bow 38.00
41 Igulfridr Politarchopolis Open Bow 38.00
42 Dave of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 36.00
43 Mathias Von Massenbach Stowe on the Wowld Open Bow 36.00
44 Jude Aleksandr Donesk Rowany Open Bow 36.00
45 Amy of Rowany Rowany Open Bow 34.00
46 Semeon Politarchopolis Open Bow 30.00
47 Maevwynn of L Krae Glas Open Bow 28.00
48 Cat of Dismal Fogs Dismal Fogs Open Bow 27.00
49 Kathryn Dragons Bay Open Bow 24.00
50 Catherine de Walford Aneala Open Bow 24.00
51 ((Zebiah Peaker)) St Basil the Great Open Bow 23.00
52 Neville of St Basil St Basil the Great Open Bow 23.00
53 Tailtiu ghoirt ruaidh Mordenvale Period Bow 22.00
54 Joan Sutton Politarchopolis Open Bow 19.00
55 Charlotte of St Basil St Basil the Great Open Bow 17.00
56 Septimus Politarchopolis Open Bow 17.00
57 Naran Baatuud Rowany Open Bow 16.00
58 Jessica of St Basil St Basil the Great Open Bow 14.00
59 Emma of Stowe Stowe on the Wowld Period Bow 14.00
60 Perant Raviru Rowany Open Bow 10.00
61 Isaac Underwode Dragons Bay Open Bow 7.00
62 Aife Ingen Echdach Aneala Open Bow 4.00


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