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Group Averages

This page will allow you to select a Group and see all the averages for people claiming that group as home. Principalities and Baronies will also display names and averages for everyone within their borders. Please note that not all kingdoms have their `groups` listed hierarchically on their websites, Cantons included within their Baronies, and Shires and Baronies included within their Principalities. So if you are looking at a group which should include subgroups but does not please contact Sir Jonathas so that the `groups` may be properly listed.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 12/3/23

Local Group
Weapon Type

Averages for ALL Groups in the Kingdom of Lochac

  Name Group Weapon Current
1 John of Polit Politarchopolis Period Bow 170.00
2 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Open Bow 165.00
3 John of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 163.00
4 Sigmund Spelmann Politarchopolis Period Bow 160.00
5 William de la Montaigne Coupe Rowany Open Bow 149.00
6 Wintherus Alban Politarchopolis Period Bow 148.00
7 Lucius Puddle Duck Politarchopolis Open Bow 133.00
8 Havelok Outlawe Politarchopolis Open Bow 129.00
9 Heinrich Schreiber Politarchopolis Period Bow 126.00
10 Agro Agwesi River Haven Open Bow 126.00
11 Mabel Pine Politarchopolis Open Bow 123.00
12 ((Kevin Girard)) Dismal Fogs Open Bow 121.00
13 Rosalind Beaufort Rowany Open Bow 121.00
14 Villequinn Flamant Politarchopolis Open Bow 118.00
15 Richard D`allier Southron Gaard Open Bow 112.00
16 Yaraslova Solovei St Florian de la Riviere Open Bow 110.00
17 Rob of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Open Bow 110.00
18 Vigmar Politarchopolis Open Bow 104.00
19 Leoflaeda Ælfwynnesdohter Aneala Open Bow 98.00
20 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Politarchopolis Period Bow 90.00
21 Emma of Aneala Aneala Open Bow 84.00
22 Alot de la Bro Politarchopolis Open Bow 83.00
23 Silas of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 81.00
24 Silas of Polit Politarchopolis Period Bow 80.00
25 Agostino Tamburri Aneala Open Bow 77.00
26 Ysambart Courtin Politarchopolis Period Bow 76.00
27 Keegan O Mordenvale Open Bow 76.00
28 Tariq of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Open Bow 74.00
29 Everade Politarchopolis Open Bow 73.00
30 Francesco Arcarius Strathcorbie Open Bow 73.00
31 Grigorii Luchnik St Florian de la Riviere Open Bow 71.00
32 Konrad Hildebrandt Aneala Open Bow 69.00
33 Rosa Askell Politarchopolis Period Bow 68.00
34 Glynyvar River Haven Open Bow 61.00
35 Chrettienne de L`eau du Pont Dragons Bay Open Bow 61.00
36 Jude Aleksandr Donesk Rowany Open Bow 61.00
37 Nathan Blacktower Aneala Open Bow 54.00
38 Leonie de Grey Aneala Open Bow 53.00
39 Nicodemus Novello Politarchopolis Open Bow 53.00
40 Igulfridr Politarchopolis Period Bow 52.00
41 Alot de la Bro Politarchopolis Period Bow 52.00
42 Hereward Okewaite Open Bow 50.00
43 Catherine de Walford Aneala Open Bow 50.00
44 Septimus Politarchopolis Open Bow 49.00
45 Sigmund Gabrielis Dragons Bay Open Bow 44.00
46 ((Julia McPherson)) Dragons Bay Open Bow 44.00
47 Cat of Dismal Fogs Dismal Fogs Open Bow 43.00
48 Crispin Sexi Politarchopolis Open Bow 42.00
49 Rhianna verch y Koedwr Politarchopolis Open Bow 37.00
50 Edeline Politarchopolis Period Bow 32.00
51 Amy of Rowany Rowany Open Bow 29.00
52 Dave Donesk Mordenvale Open Bow 28.00
53 Isaac Underwode Dragons Bay Open Bow 27.00
54 ((Gwilym)) Okewaite Open Bow 26.00
55 Breanna of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 21.00
56 Raegan of Lunihawk Rowany Open Bow 21.00
57 Anders Adora Open Bow 18.00
58 Tailtiu ghoirt ruaidh Mordenvale Open Bow 17.00
59 Malakai of Dragon`s Bay Dragons Bay Open Bow 17.00
60 Yanu Mordenvale Open Bow 16.00
61 ((Lilith)) Okewaite Open Bow 15.00
62 Norman Douglasson Strathcorbie Open Bow 12.00
63 Aife Ingen Echdach Aneala Open Bow 10.00
64 Sammy of Polit via DF Dismal Fogs Open Bow 8.00
65 Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani Dragons Bay Open Bow 8.00
66 Juliana de Northwood Rowany Open Bow 7.00
67 Phaedra Adora Open Bow 6.00
68 Angus MacDougall Mordenvale Open Bow 5.00
69 Talwen Dragons Bay Open Bow 5.00
70 Dmitri of Polit Politarchopolis Open Bow 3.00
71 Tanya Donesk Mordenvale Open Bow 3.00
72 Marcus Politarchopolis Open Bow 0.00


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