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Group Averages

This page will allow you to select a Group and see all the averages for people claiming that group as home. Principalities and Baronies will also display names and averages for everyone within their borders. Please note that not all kingdoms have their groups listed hierarchically on their websites, Cantons included within their Baronies, and Shires and Baronies included within their Principalities. So if you are looking at a group which should include subgroups but does not please contact Sir Jonathas so that the groups may be properly listed.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 1/13/19

Local Group
Weapon Type

Averages for ALL Groups in the Kingdom of Meridies

  Name Group Weapon Current
1 Mykeal Halfdan Thorngill Open Bow 202.00
2 Fynlo Mac Cane Tir Briste Open Bow 200.00
3 Davy Gunn Tir Briste Open Bow 106.00
4 Tobias von Ansbach Tir Briste Open Bow 103.00
5 Bertram de Bothemes Marion Glen Open Bow 102.00
6 Kevin the Broken Forth Castle Open Bow 97.00
7 Aed Mac Ruaircc Tir Briste Open Bow 97.00
8 Thyra Grimsdottir Tir Briste Open Bow 89.00
9 Fortune Farrell Forth Castle Open Bow 83.00
10 Nathri mac Conaill Bryn Madoc Open Bow 74.00
11 Tyme Bryn Madoc Open Bow 73.00
12 James Tir Briste Open Bow 73.00
13 Freybjorn of Drakenmere Drakenmere Open Bow 71.00
14 David Tir Briste Open Bow 71.00
15 Buliwyf Bjornmann Forth Castle Open Bow 70.00
16 David Hennings Tir Briste Open Bow 63.00
17 Raina Tir Briste Open Bow 60.00
18 Avelyn Dale Drakenmere Open Bow 60.00
19 Valentine Blake Forth Castle Open Bow 54.00
20 Michael Robertson Tir Briste Open Bow 42.00
21 Galen Reed Glynn Rhe Open Bow 39.00
22 Déirdre ingen Eithne Forth Castle Open Bow 38.00
23 Maddelena `Raven` de Ricci Forth Castle Open Bow 37.00
24 Cristo Glynn Rhe Open Bow 37.00
25 Engelbrecht Wandelber Bryn Madoc Open Bow 34.00
26 Kresanya MacAoidha Glynn Rhe Open Bow 29.00
27 Drago Tir Briste Open Bow 25.00
28 Oengus macGilla Duban Bryn Madoc Open Bow 21.00
29 Irina Dashkova Tir Briste Open Bow 19.00
30 Lefwyn Tir Briste Open Bow 18.00
31 Heather Ingean Ui Briain Tir Briste Open Bow 14.00
32 Lucette Simone Gerard Tir Briste Open Bow 13.00
33 Lissabetta Tir Briste Open Bow 13.00
34 Arigh Unegen Bryn Madoc Open Bow 10.00
35 Annora Brodhead Tir Briste Open Bow 10.00


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