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Group Averages

This page will allow you to select a Group and see all the averages for people claiming that group as home. Principalities and Baronies will also display names and averages for everyone within their borders. Please note that not all kingdoms have their groups listed hierarchically on their websites, Cantons included within their Baronies, and Shires and Baronies included within their Principalities. So if you are looking at a group which should include subgroups but does not please contact Sir Jonathas so that the groups may be properly listed.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 3/20/20

Local Group
Weapon Type

Averages for ALL Groups

  Name Group Weapon Current
1 Rupert the Unbalanced Tri Os Open Crossbow 293.00
2 Celestria Alexandre d`Amiens Stierbach Open Bow 254.00
3 Stephan Grimm Stierbach Period Crossbow 245.00
4 Stephan Grimm Stierbach Open Bow 238.00
5 Christoph LeStrange Stierbach Open Bow 236.00
6 Stephan Grimm Stierbach Open Crossbow 225.00
7 Toki Inn Eldri Bassi Darkwater Open Bow 221.00
8 Edward Raven Darkwater Open Bow 213.00
9 David St. Rose Wolfscairn Open Bow 208.00
10 Madog Llwyd ap Madog Stegby Open Bow 202.00
11 Ulric of Ambledune Politarchopolis Open Bow 188.00
12 David of Stierbach Stierbach Open Bow 186.00
13 Sigmund Spelmann Politarchopolis Period Bow 168.00
14 Bryce MacManus Nahrun Kabirum Period Crossbow 168.00
15 Michael of Fox Wood Wolfscairn Open Bow 163.00
16 Ulfr Smidr Stegby Open Bow 161.00
17 Eryn St. Rose Wolfscairn Open Bow 138.00
18 Sibéal inghean Alaxandair Wolfscairn Open Bow 136.00
19 Thorstein Bjornsson Stegby Open Bow 127.00
20 Seán Ó Labhradha Wolfscairn Open Bow 126.00
21 William de Walford Aneala Open Bow 124.00
22 Rebecca Redarrow Wolfscairn Open Bow 122.00
23 Thorvaldr Fiaksson Ravenshore Open Bow 115.00
24 Lorenzo di Leone Salvini Glyn Dwfn Period Bow 112.00
25 Rose of Wolfscairn Wolfscairn Open Bow 111.00
26 Alfhildr of Ambledune Politarchopolis Period Bow 108.00
27 James the Unhinged Wolfscairn Open Bow 104.00
28 Cainnech Mac Raith Stegby Open Bow 100.00
29 Heinrich Schreiber Politarchopolis Period Bow 98.00
30 Douenald’ Maxwell Wolfscairn Open Bow 97.00
31 ((Amber Bamberg)) Wolfscairn Open Bow 96.00
32 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Politarchopolis Period Bow 96.00
33 Charlotte Duran Politarchopolis Open Bow 91.00
34 Baldric Politarchopolis Period Bow 82.00
35 Aeveril of Ambledune Politarchopolis Open Bow 82.00
36 ((Chris Bipes)) Wolfscairn Open Bow 81.00
37 Rosa Askell Politarchopolis Period Bow 80.00
38 Crispin Sexi Politarchopolis Open Bow 78.00
39 Isabel Claworth Politarchopolis Open Bow 77.00
40 Lorccan Ruadh Politarchopolis Open Bow 76.00
41 Francis de Monteath Stegby Open Bow 74.00
42 Alexandra Hartshorne Politarchopolis Open Bow 69.00
43 Gareth Blackmoor Politarchopolis Open Bow 66.00
44 Ragnar MacHardy Stonemarche Open Crossbow 66.00
45 Revna Westermark Open Bow 62.00
46 ((Tim McColgan)) Aneala Open Bow 61.00
47 Elias of Rhodes Stegby Open Bow 51.00
48 Arabella Longford Stegby Open Bow 50.00
49 Sven of Politarchopolis Politarchopolis Open Bow 46.00
50 Catherine de Walford Aneala Open Bow 43.00
51 Chrestienne du Fay Stegby Open Bow 36.00
52 ((Rachel McColgan)) Aneala Open Bow 32.00
53 ((Kat Pagan)) Aneala Open Bow 32.00
54 ((Emma Homes)) Aneala Open Bow 29.00
55 Genevieve Forrester Stegby Open Bow 25.00
56 ((Amy Neville)) St Basil the Great Open Bow 12.00
57 Marcella DeLille Politarchopolis Open Bow 9.00


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