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Scores for Fearghus MacCulloch

Name Kingdom Local Group
Fearghus MacCulloch An Tir Dragon`s Laire

Shoot Realm Current Highest
A) Royal Round 2022 Season An Tir Archery 80.3 80.3
A) Royal Round 2023 Season An Tir Archery -- 80.3
B) Royal Round - PERIOD 2022 Period Season An Tir Archery 85.3 85.3
B) Royal Round - PERIOD 2023 Period Season An Tir Archery -- 85.3
SSAC 22C-Pokka Dots Quivers & Quarrels 62.0 62.0
SSAC 22D-Anti-FITA Quivers & Quarrels 84.0 84.0
SSAC 23B-Tic Tac Toe Quivers & Quarrels 48.0 48.0

Event Shoots
Date Event Shoot Weapon Place Score GAT
20 Jun 2023 SSAC-23B-Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Crossbow 3 of 177 48.00 73.44
7 Sep 2022 SSAC - Pokka Dots - Period Pokka Dots Crossbow 2 of 74 62.00 40.60

Grand Archery Tournament
  This archer is ranked with a Crossbow  
Lifetime Average
Bow Events Average
Crossbow 2 57.02

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