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Scores for Lady Rebecca Redarrow

Name Kingdom Local Group
Lady Rebecca Redarrow West Wolfscairn

List of Shoots this person has Scores for

Scores for GH4-Falling Leaves

Showing scores between 9/1/21 and 9/30/21
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Weapon Type (Age) Current Highest
Open Handbow 14.0 14.0
Scores for Open Handbow
Current Potential High Score with a Open Handbow 9 8 17
Average of Current Scores with a Open Handbow 5.7 5.7 11.4
Date (Age) Event Name Event Host Marshal Stationary Falling Total*
9/19/21 Odd Bodkins Practice Wolfscairn Rebecca Redarrow 9 5 14
9/19/21 Odd Bodkins Practice Wolfscairn Rebecca Redarrow 5 8 13
9/18/21 Mists Coronet Mists Randal of Camusfearna 3 4 7


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