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Scores for Baroness Rosheen

Name Kingdom Local Group
Baroness Rosheen Aethelmearc St Swithin`s Bog

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Scores for Royal Round

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Weapon Type Current Highest
Thrown Weapons -- 103.0
Scores for Thrown Weapons
Current Potential High Score with a Thrown Weapons 37 14 28 11 90
Average of Current Scores with a Thrown Weapons 32.0 7.0 25.0 5.5 69.5
Date Event Name Event Host Marshal Close Axe Far Axe Close Knife Far Knife Total*
8/27/21 BSSB Practice St Swithin`s Bog Gunther Grunbaum 37 14 22 11 84
7/10/21 St. Swithins Day St Swithin`s Bog Biorn inn digri 27 0 28 0 55


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