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Rules for SPACS - 2014 SPACSS

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 7/14/14

Shoot Begins: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Shoot Ends: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Scores must be Submitted by: Thursday, October 30, 2014


Standard Pennsic Archery Champions Style Shoot

The shoot is designed to challenge archers to focus on small target areas in preparation for the Pennsic Archer Champions shoot. Anyone who would like to be on the Pennsic Archer Champions team, whether Midrealm or Allies, needs to submit a SPACSS score. The SPACSS score will primarily be used to form the team. Attendance at one of the two tryouts at Pennsic is still required but entering SPACSS score(s) shows a serious commitment about wanting to be part of the team.

Marshals are requested to include this at all events and practices. The more scores turned in, the better. Poor scores won’t hurt you. We will be looking at the average your top 3 scores. While this is a fairly short time frame to get at least three scores entered, those who are serious about making the Champions Team will find a way to make the effort of practicing.

This shoot consists of three stations:

Friend/Foe Station

  • Target 1/4 of a standard 60 cm FITA, placement can be any normal 90 degree quadrant
  • Distance 30 yards
  • Time Limit 30 seconds unlimited arrows
  • Scoring Archer's Favor
    • 4pts - Gold
    • 3pts - Red
    • 2pts - Blue
    • 1pts - Black
    • 0pts - any non-scoring in correct quadrant
    • -3pts - any arrows in the wrong quadrants

Tribbles Station

  • Target 4" long section of standar pool noodle. Note: This is a "standard" pool noodle which is approximately 2" (but slightly larger is ok) in diameter, just not the jumbo pool noodles. It is highly recommended that the pool noodles be covered in two layers of duct tape to prevent the possibility of blow throughs.
  • Distance 2 tribbles at 5~10 yards, 2 at 10~15 yards, 2 at 15~20 yards, 2 at 20~25 yards
  • Time Limit Maximum 2 minutes, 12 arrows/bolts
  • Scoring 1 point per dead tribble. A dead tribble is one with an arrow/bolt stuck in it. The Tribbles should be free standing (nothing holding them in place) on their end to start. Arrow/bolts just nicking/jumping/knocking them over do *NOT* count, only arrows that stick in will be counted (true *witnessed* blow throughs which still carry the Tribble significantly down range will be counted).

Wand Station

  • Target 2in wide vertical castle window by 3ft tall
  • Distance 20 yards
  • Time Limit Untimed, 6 arrows/bolts
  • Scoring 2 points per arrow/bolt in the window (Archer's Favor)

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