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IKAC 2021 season cancellation due to Covid-19

Sad Greetings unto the collective IKAC Community.

Now that we are at the starting point in what would be our normal season and with the latest notice from the BOD, it is my sad decision to declare the 2021 season of the IKAC as cancelled. We simply cannot offer a fair field to archers all over the known world from being able to compete. We have some kingdoms that have had limited openings in regards to archery and thrown weapons but not all kingdoms are at that point yet and it could be months before that happens.
So in keeping with the spirit of inclusiveness and the utmost safety, I, THLord Ragnar MacHardy, Keeper of the IKAC do hereby cancel this 2021 season.

Welcome to the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition Official page!! The Inter-kingdom Archery Competition, IKAC for short, is a year-long target archery tournament that allow all the archers in the Knowne World to compete in an SCA-wide competition on behalf of their Kingdoms. Each year, up to a thousand archers from almost every Kingdom submit thousand of scores in a bid to win the tournament. It is a great way for archers not just to represent their Kingdom and possibly win a great prize, but also a way for archers to compete against other archers in different parts of the Knowne World, and chart their progress in an SCA-wide setting. The competition is open to all archers, beginning and experienced. It is a great way to develop skill, and very rewarding as you see your skill increase and move up the ranks. And at all times you will be representing your Kingdom!. The competition has multiple divisions, including general target archery, period archery and special divisions for younger archers. The IKAC competition has running for over 30 years.
In the following pages you will find information about the competition, current scores for this season and scores for the past ten years of the competition. The IKAC is one of the unique competitions in the SCA, as it unites archers from far off places through their common love of archery. I hope you will find the competition interesting, and rewarding, as many have through the years. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, do not hesitate to write to me TH Lord Ragnar MacHardy/Temur Numuchi.
Marshal Accounts
If you are a marshal, have not already gotten an account, and would be willing to submit your scores via the site, please send me an email with "Account Request" as the subject. The email must include your Mundane name, Scadian Name, Home Kingdom/Group, and Email address. Scores which are submitted via the site will be given priority for getting approved and included in the official standings.
The Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition

The IKAC consists of seven Divisions: Open Handbow, Open Crossbow, Period Handbow, Period Crossbow, Children s Division, Youth Division and Yeoman Division. The competition starts on 1 February and ends on December 1 and any archer can participate by shooting at either an official practice or an official event.

In all Divisions, each Kingdom`s score will be the average of the top 3 archer's scores. However, all scores submitted for ALL archers that participate in the competition will be shown in the database on the Scores page.

***Prizes (As of the new 2019 season) will be given in each Target Archery Division for 1st (Golden Medallions) , 2nd (Silver Medallions) and 3rd (Bronze Medallions) place.

The IKAC is very similar to a normal Royal Round, except that it has more ends. There are specific rules for each division, and they can be found on the IKAC rules page. Please make sure to read the rules carefully prior to participating.

To ease and assist recording the scores at the range these score sheets has been developed in Excel:

For the final official standings of all previous seasons for the IKAC see this page.

The Inter Kingdom Combat Archery Competition

As of the 2019 season the IKCAC has been spun off onto its own and is no longer a Division of the IKAC. It can now be found in its own space at:

Who is reviewing IKAC Scores?

The IKAC is now being run much like a very large Kingdom. That is the Keeper will be the top level oversight, reviewing the rules each season, ensuring the submitted scores are getting reviewed, and providing a person to appeal to should a score get denied in review. The Keeper now has two assistant Scorekeepers who will be doing the actual review and approval of scores for different portions of the IKAC. This setup provides cover for modern life intrusions and an appeal path by a different person about any disagreements.

The positions as they now stand are:

  • THLord Ragnar MacHardy (East)- Keeper of the IKAC
    Managing Rules and being secondary reviewer for any appeals
  • THL Gregge the Archer (Atlantia)- Assistant Scorekeeper
    Reviewing - Adult Divisions
  • Lord Osmond de Berwic (East)- Assistant Scorekeeper
    • Youth Scores for all Kingdoms

What is the 'Easy to Remember' address for this site?

Well you always have the option of bookmarking almost any page. But, the easy to remember address for this site is:

Shoot with honor,
If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong.
TH Lord Ragnar MacHardy/Temur Numuchi
Keeper of the IKAC

Web Ministers, to directly link to this page use the following link:
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This is an OFFICIAL site for the Inter Kingdom Archery Competition