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Greetings my fellow Archers I am Lord Randolph Caparulo, Deputy to the Kingdom Royal Archer(KRA) for the Kingdom of Atenveldt. I will be keeping this site up to date; with the invaluable assistance from the creator of this wonderful site, Sir Jonathas. If you believe your score is incorrect please search for your name and check all of the scores submitted and the dates. Sometimes the scores you were counting on are now over 12 months old.
If you have thrown Royal Rounds within the last year, please contact the Thrown Weapons Marshal who was in charge and find out if they have or will be submitting the scores. When you throw Royal Rounds in the future, ask if the scores are to be submitted and be sure the Marshal-in-Charge has all the information they need from you to submit your scores. Scores can be submitted by e-mail, or by regular "snail" mail.
If your name appears without your SCA Name, a Mundane Name, a Group, or is spelled incorrectly, please let me know so I can make corrections. If you are a Throwner in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and your name is not on this list, please contact me.
How do I participate?
For a list rules and a description of the Kingdom of Atenveldt thrown weapons ranking system, please review the Handbook on the menu to the right.
What`s a Thrown Weapons Royal Round?
Throwers who show skill on the throwing field are recognized with a rank. This ranking is based on the average of three (3) Royal Rounds, thrown within a one year time period. Once a person achieves a ranking, it is a lifetime recognition that cannot be changed unless the archer increases his/her ranking. If a gentle achieves a ranking within another Kingdom, they maintain this ranking from the other Kingdom, but must earn an Atenveldt rank separately.
A Thrown Weapons Royal Round shall consist of:
  • 15 throws with an axe
  • 15 throws with an knife
  • 15 throws with an spear
Throwing for scores may occur if you have the following:
  • A Throwing Range which meets Kingdom of Atenveldt Safety Guidelines.
  • A Warranted Thrown Weapons Marshal with one witness present for scores to be official (two people minimum). The witness needs to be an SCA Member in good standing and be able to discuss the Thrown Weapons Scoring System if asked by the Kingdom Royal Archer or a Deputy at some point in the future.
  • An official practice or event.
  • Royal Round score sheets indicating the date, event, Marshal, and scores for the thrower(s) seeking ranking should be submitted to the MiC. Once the MiC has recorded the scores they should be passed on to the appropriate Missile Weapons Captain and in turn to the Kingdom Royal Archer.
How to submit scores?
If you have scores to report, please either
  • Email them to Lord Randolph Caparulo
  • If you are a marshal request an account so you can submit scores directly.
Please include information below if e-mailed or snail mailed:
  • The name and date of the event
  • The name of the Thrown Weapons Marshal overseeing the event and the marshal`s SCA number
  • Each thrower`s Society name, modern name, and Society group
  • Each thrower`s scores for each weapon type, and the total score for the Royal Round
Only one score may be submitted per day.
Any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact me.
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Well you always have the option of bookmarking almost any page. But, the easy to remember address for this site is:

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