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Event Shoot Details

Event St George and the Dragon
Shoot Title St George Throw
Event Date 11 May 2024
Marshal Kezia von Holzenhaus
Host Kingdom Calontir
Host Group Oakheart
Total Shooters 11 in attendance
two ends, one of knives, the other choice

1 Janos Katona Aston Tor All Weapons 10.00
2 Aengus O`Bannon Forgotten Sea All Weapons 7.00
3 Copin di Gentile Wyvern Cliffe All Weapons 7.00
4 Leif of Crescent Moon Loch Bheathrock All Weapons 6.00
5 Yngvarr Bjarnakarl Three Rivers All Weapons 6.00
6 James inn Danski Calanais Nuadh All Weapons 4.00
7 Olivera Wolls Burj al Mudirah All Weapons 4.00
8 Gerelle Burj al Mudirah All Weapons 3.00
9 Stacey Burj al Mudirah All Weapons 3.00
10 Avera Burj al Mudirah All Weapons 2.00
11 Disa of Calanais Calanais Nuadh All Weapons 1.00

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