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Rules for Royal Round - Axe

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 9/4/22

General Rules

  • For a weapon to score, it must be sticking in the target. If it falls out of the target before it is scored, it shall count as a miss. The thrower has the option to ask the marshal of the line to score a throw and retrieve at any time.
  • If a weapon is cutting the line betweek two values, count the higher value
  • No practice between distances. Once a start has been declared, the round starts.
  • The thrower may start at either distance.
  • Royal Rounds may be thrown at any official event (including announced practices)
  • For now, you may submit (when the site is ready) multiple RRs per event, but this may be restricted at a later time
  • There must be at least 2 people (including at least one marshal) for the score to be counted
  • The marshal may throw, with one witness.
  • Until we have a site set up to track scores, please submit all scores electronically at:
  • scores may be submitted for a single weapon type or any combination of the three - they will be tracked independently


  • 3 concentric circles 14"/8"/3" -- Scoring 1/3/5, respectively
  • The center of the target face should be between 3.5' and 5' off the ground


  • Axe
    • Short: 10' - 20'
    • Long: 20' - 30'
  • Knife
    • Short: 10' - 20'
    • Long: 20' - 30'
  • Spear
    • Short: 20' - 30'
    • Long: 30' - 40'


  • 5 throws from each distance (total 10 throws - max 50 pts per weapon type)

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