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Rules for Period Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 10/15/18

What is a Period Royal Round?

Participants in the Period Division may shoot with either bows or crossbows.

A Period Royal Round consists of four groups of arrows/bolts:

6 arrows/bolts (no time limit) at 40 yards,
6 arrows/bolts (no time limit) at 30 yards,
6 arrows/bolts (no time limit) at 20 yards, and
timed round (30 sec.) at the 20 yard target with unlimited arrows/bolts

General Equipment Specifications

All equipment should be consistent with pre-17th century archery in looks and function. There are no draw weight limits.

The bows and arrows must be appropriate to the SCA period (pre-17th Century) and only period materials may be used in their construction. One exception to this rule is that only target tips and field tips may be used.

Other exceptions are that any naturally growing wood may be used even if it was not known or used in period, modern glue or resins may be used in making the bow, providing that it does not plasticize the bow or give an advantage over someone who uses entirely period materials.

The string may be of any material.

For the period division nocking points should be tied on and not the modern crimp on types.

Any type of bow that was shot in the SCA period can participate in the Period Class. An archer does not have to use equipment that is appropriate to their SCA persona. Each archer must be able to document that the equipment they are using is appropriate to the SCA time period. All other royal round rules apply.

Period Crossbow
Only period style crossbows may participate in this division.

To be counted as a period style crossbow all the following conditions must be met:
1) The stock must be made of wood.
2) It may not have a rifle style butt.
3) It may not have a modern style lock (some forms of self stopping nuts are in period, however) or a trigger.
4) It may not have sights.

The prod may be of any material and there is no minimum or maximum weight for the prod.

The nut in the lock mechanism may be of any material.

The string may be of any material.

Arrows and Bolts

Arrows/bolts must be wood shafted and fletched with feathers or other pre-17th century material such as thin wood, leather, or parchment.

For the Period Division arrows/bolts may NOT have plastic nocks but must instead have self nocks or nocks fashioned from some period material such as horn, bone, ivory, etc.

Targets and Scoring

Period Division
The target is a 60 cm, three color face modeled after the target depicted in the Luttrell Psalter.

Scoring:Or=8, Vert=4, Argent=2.

The standard five color 60 cm. IKAC target may be used, except that the scoring is different. The scoring is:Inner Gold=8, Red and Outer Gold=4, Blue thru White=2. An arrow/bolt that is touching the line between two colors (or the outer line) counts as the higher valued color; no color showing between arrow/bolt and line. Arrows/bolt passing through or falling out (bounce off) count as 3 unless their actual score can be verified. Archers may count and record their own scores but the Marshal In Charge should submit them.

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