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For those who do not know me - my name is Archos Adam of the Wood, residing in the Barony of Myrgan Wood as your new Captain General of Archers.
I am here for the archers of Avacal, to give guidance, direction and clear communication. With your help, we will strengthen and grow our community. I look forwards to working with you. Together We Conquer!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Avacal's Scores Home!

Greetings Fellow Archers of Avacal! I am Don Tonis van Hoorn , Avacal's Score Keeper. I will be your faithful servant in providing a visible resource of scores past and present and Current Rankings, along with the creator of this wonderful site, Sir Jonathas, who resides in the far Kingdom of Atlantia. Please let me know if:
  • You are a new archer in Avacal and your name is not on this list
  • Your name is listed with missing or misspelled information
How do Marshals gain access to submit scores?
Warranted Marshals may submit scores directly to this page. If you are a marshal (Jr and Sr marshals can submit scores) and want to use this site, email me. I will verify you are a marshal by looking at the Kingdom list of warranted marshals avacal.org, and send you authorization to submit scores through this site.

Please Contact : Don Tonis van Hoorn

With the following needed information:
1) SCA name
2) Modern Name
3) e-mail
4) Branch/Location
5) Society Title/Rank is nice, but not required

Can Marshals use this site to submit Royal Round scores to the annual Avacal Top Ten competition?
How to submit scores?
If you have scores to report, please either
1. Update them through the marshals page (if you are a marshal with score keeping authority)
2. Send them to Avacal Score Keeper
Please include information below if emailed:
- The name and date of the event or practice
- The name of the archery marshal overseeing the shoot
- Each archer's Society name, modern name, and Society group
- Each archer's bow type (longbow, recurve, crossbow), scores at 40, 30, 20 yds, 20 yd timed round, and the total score in the Royal Round
Look here for the Avacal Top Ten page.
What is the 'Easy to Remember' address for this site?


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Please contact me with any questions not answered on the FAQ page.
In Service to all Archers in Avacal,
Don Tonis van Hoorn

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