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Rules for Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 11/7/23

The Royal Round is a series of ends shot from 40, 30, and 20 yards. It is sometimes referred to as a mini or short IKAC.

All safety rules used in an IKAC apply to a Royal Round shoot. The ends are shot in order from 40, 30 and 20 yards with 6 arrows untimed for each end. The fourth and final end is a 20 yard timed end where the archer has 30 seconds to loose as many arrows as possible. The shooting order of the ends cannot be changed to a different order.

The equipment used must comply with the requirements for an IKAC, arrows shot must have wooden shafts and feather or appropriate period substitute fletches.

In the open division, scoring of an archers arrows in the target face is as follows; white=1pt, black=2pts, blue=3pts, red=4pts and yellow=5pts.

In the period division, scoring of an archers arrows in the target face is as follows; white, black or blue=2pts, red and the outer yellow=4pts. The inner yellow(peg)=8pts.

It is up to the archer to count the arrows they have shot on an untimed end.If an archer shoots any extra arrows, the value of the of the archers highest scoring arrows is not to be counted towards that archers score, this is repeated for each extra arrow shot.

The timed end must be timed with a suitable watch. The start of the timed end must be started with 'Loose', 'Shoot' or some other suitable verbal signal clearly stated, and at the finish of the timed end is signaled with the word 'hold', 'halt' or some other suitable word. Should the archer loose an arrow before the start or after the end commands, the archer loses the value of the highest scoring arrow in the target face for that end, repeat with the next highest scoring arrow for any additional early/late arrows.

Archers may start a timed round with an arrow nocked, drawn and aimed. It is recommended that a short count down be given for the start and likewise the finish of a timed end. A mid-point call is optional and at the MIC's discretion. The use of a tape recorder/cd player or other mechanical device that emulates the timers calls is permitted.

No other person may assist an archer in any way except to a disabled archer where the assistance must not be to the disadvantage of any other archer or give an undue advantage to the disabled archer.

No other arrows may be shot for any reason whatsoever once the Royal Round starts. All arrows loosed count towards the score until the Royal Round finishes.

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