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Team Standings

Here is a list of the current Team Standings in the BLS Winter Challenge - BLS 2010-11

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 4/21/11

  Team Total Top Shooters Top Scores
1 Loch Salann 852.0 Francisco di Grazzi 99.0
Raina Lavrentiiovna Doch 98.0
Ryryd ap Gwerstan 91.0
Bjorn Hrafnsson 88.0
Douglas Sutherland 87.0
Seamish McPike 83.0
Oonaugh inghean Glaisne 82.0
Elyas Tigar 78.0
Vincenzo Del`Aquila 75.0
Sigmund Olafson 71.0
2 164.0 Miles Stockton 112.0
Rhianon 27.0
Walker 25.0

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