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Rules for Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 4/1/20

The Royal Round is shot on a field using distances from the firing line 5-color, 24 inch (60 cm) FITA target. It is composed for four ends. The first three regular ends of six arrows at your leisure are shot at each of 40, 30, and 20 yards. The fourth is a 30 second timed end at 20 yards. Traditionally, the archers shoot at 40 yards, move to 30 yards, and then finish up at 20 yards. A practice round of 6 arrows at each distance is allowed before/between the scoring ends. The use of 2 arrows marked specifically as rangefinders is permitted in place of the practice ends. Prior to the start of the Royal Round, the archer must declare the use of rangefinder arrows to the MIC. Rangefinder arrows may not be used for score during un-timed ends once the archer has declared he/she will use them. Rangefinders may be used and scored as regular arrows during speed ends.

There are two standard target faces used in SCA archery. The 24-inch (60 cm) five-color target (also known as the Las Vegas style or FITA target) is the required target for Royal Rounds and Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC) tournaments. The colors are gold in the center, followed in turn by red, blue, black, and ending with white as the outer band. The agreed SCA scoring values are:

  • Gold 5 points (6cm Radius or 12cm Diameter).
  • Red 4 points (from Gold to 24cm Diameter).
  • Blue 3 points (from Red to 36cm Diameter).
  • Black 2 points (from Blue to 48cm Diameter).
  • White 1 point (from Black to 60cm Diameter).

The other is also a 60 cm target, but is a more 'Period' adaptation of the FITA target, used to score those competing in the PERIOD division. The 'Period' target is also 24 inches (60 cm), and can easily be made on the obverse of a regular FITA target by using the colors and dimensions given here:

  • Gold 8 points (3cm Radius or 6 cm Diameter).
  • Green 4 points (from Gold to 24 cm Diameter).
  • White 2 points (from Green to 60 cm Diameter).


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