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Grand Archery Tournament Kingdom Statistics

Here is a list of the Kingdoms, along with some statistics about how their archers are doing within the GAT. These are not intended to rank the Kingdoms, as Kingdom's traditions might place value on different aspects, so much as simply provide a statistical comparison. You may sort based on any of the given statistics to see how the Kingdoms stack up against one another.

Please note other then the count of total archers, the scores are given as as percentage just like the archer standings are. This means that the highest scoring Kingdom will always have a 100, and the lowest will always have a 1. Those in the middle will be spread based on their relative score.

  • Archers - This is a count of how many archers have a current standing
  • Overall - This is an average of all the archers individual standings
  • Top 5 - This is an average of the Top 5 archers individual standings
Kingdom * Crossbow Handbow Combat
Archers Overall Top 5 Archers Overall Top 5 Archers Overall Top 5