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Fun Stats - IKAC - Adult 2024

Here are some fun stats pulled from the scores submitted for this shoot. Please be patient with this page as it is processing tons of data to generate this report as you ask for it.

Show Stats for:

 Open Bow
  Best Total Best 40 Yard Best 40 Yard Best 40 Timed Best 40 Timed Best 30 Yard Best 30 Yard Best 30 Timed Best 30 Timed Best 20 Yard Best 20 Yard Best 20 Timed Best 20 Timed Most Scores People
Overall Gwyneth Cole (208) Kheron Azov (18) Mungke Vachir (16) Kheron Azov (15) Muldonny McVriw (11) Kheron Azov (24) Kheron Azov (22) Gwyneth Cole (19) Muldonny McVriw (21) Gwyneth Cole (27) Mungke Vachir (25) Gwyneth Cole (27) Gwyneth Cole (27)