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Official Marshal's Warrants Lists

Below is a list for each Kingdom of its list of Officially Warranted Marshals. Regardless of having an account on this system, these lists define the individuals who have been warranted to run the field, do inspections, or submit scores within that Kingdom and/or Activity. It is the duty of each Kingdom's DEM to maintain the accounts within this site in-line with who is warranted, by either creating or disabling accounts.

Kingom Archery Thrown Weapons
Aethelmearc Scores Roster Scores  
An Tir Scores Roster Scores Roster
Ansteorra Scores      
Artemisia Scores   Scores  
Atenveldt Scores   Scores  
Atlantia Scores Roster Scores  
Avacal Scores   Scores  
Caid Scores Roster Scores  
Calontir Scores   Scores  
Ealdormere Scores      
East Scores Roster   Roster
Gleann Abhann Scores   Scores  
Lochac Scores      
Meridies Scores   Scores  
Middle Scores   Scores Roster
Northshield Scores   Scores  
Outlands Scores   Scores  
Trimaris Scores   Scores  
West Scores Roster    
Inter-Kingdom IKAC, SSAC TWIC


* Please note that the Inter-Kingdom Competitions DO NOT issue any warrants, rather they reley on the official warranting lists of the Kingdoms to create accounts for any Kingdom not currently using this site.


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