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Rules for SSAC - GH1-Yin-Yang

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 6/13/21

Shoot Begins: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Shoot Ends: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Scores must be Submitted by: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 and within 7 days of being shot.

Post Pandemic SSAC Greatest Hits

This shoot is pulled from the old Atlantian Seasonal Challenge. It is simply a fun shoot which forces you to weigh your skills versus the risk you wish to take. The highest points are the closest to the highest negative points. Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

Take a standard FITA 60cm target, use a compass, draw two half-circles to make an `S` curve that stretches from top to bottom of the target`s scoring area.
Winter Alternate: use the 40cm instead of the 60cm target.
  1. Draw a half-circle that connects the top edge of the 1-ring with the center of the bullseye (set the static end of your compass in the middle of the 3-ring). This is the top of your S-curve.
  2. Now draw a half-circle that connects the center of the bullseye to the to the bottom edge (set the static end of your compass in the middle of the 3-ring). This is the bottom of your S-curve.
  3. Use a marker to make the S more visible from 20 yards.

If you have drawn it correctly, you should see a large capital S overlayed on the target`s scoring area.

The S-curve creates the Yin and Yang areas of the target. The Yin is the upper/right area of the target. The Yang is the lower/left area of the target.
  1. The challenge consists of 4 ends.
  2. Scores CAN go below zero. Your final score may be negative.
  3. Arrows that break or just touch the dividing line between scoring zones are scored in the archer`s favor.
  4. Archers must shoot the ends in the order listed.*
Note: When shooting with a large group of archers it is allowed to have half of the group reverse the order of the Yin/Yang components, but it should be the same group of archers who shoot the Yang first each time. IE half the group shoots the ends as:
- Yin, Yang, Speed Yin, Speed Yang
while the other half shoots:
- Yang, Yin, Speed Yang, Speed Yin

The two Timed ends are shot back to back at 20 yards.
The two Un-timed ends are shot back to back at 30 yards.

Standard RR scoring, but with negative values for hitting the Foe/Other side.
Yes, your total for any given end *can* be negative!

Printable score sheet

Yin Stages For the two Yin ends, the upper/right area has positive values, the lower/left area has negative values. For example: a shot high and right in the 2-ring is worth the usual 2 points. But a shot low and left in the 4-ring is -4 points.

Yang Stages
For the two Yang ends, the scoring values are flipped - the upper/right area is now negative, the lower/left area is positive.

End 1: Yin - 6 arrows, untimed, 30 yards
End 2: Yang - 6 arrows, untimed, 30 yards

End 3: Speed Yin - 30 seconds, 20 yards
End 4: Speed Yang - 30 seconds, 20 yards

This shoot was provided by:
The Atlantian Archery Community, for questions contact:Master Jonathas

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