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Event Shoot Details

Event 2023 Delftwood Flying Pointy Things Event
Shoot Title Monster Army, Castle Defense
Event Date 2 Sep 2023
Marshal Gnaeus Iulius Celsus
Host Kingdom Aethelmearc
Host Group Delftwood
Total Shooters 17 in attendance
GAT Grand Archery Tournament Shoot with a difficulty rating of: Crossbow:1.00 Handbow:9.62
An invading army of monsters has come to destroy your castle, and all hands are called to defend your home! Small, quick dragons dart among the courtyard, bigger dragons weaken the outer walls, and the enemy general a massive cyclops looms over the walls, shouting commands and kicking in the door.

Divisions: Handbow, Crossbow
Scoring for both Dragons (10/20yds): Shield-1pt, Head-5pts, Body/Wings-3pts
Scoring for Cyclops (30yds): Body-1pt, Mouth-3pts, Eye-5pts.
All 3 ends are untimed, 6 missiles.

  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Rian Gortrian Delftwood Crossbow 49.00 100.00
2 Leo of Dunloch Dunloch Crossbow 30.00 61.61
3 Amalie Reinhardt Delftwood Crossbow 27.00 55.55
4 Wolfgang Wylder Woode Dunloch Crossbow 23.00 47.47
5 Hiro Himoura Delftwood Crossbow 17.00 35.35
6 Cainnech Obrion na nÉireannach Delftwood Crossbow 0.00 1.00
7 Thronbjorn inn Havi Delftwood Crossbow 0.00 1.00
  Name Group Weapon Score GAT
1 Corwin Templeton Delftwood Handbow 33.00 100.00
2 Wolfgang Wylder Woode Dunloch Handbow 32.00 96.04
3 Gnaeus Iulius Celsus Delftwood Handbow 30.00 88.12
4 Mara Cincinnatus Delftwood Handbow 30.00 88.12
5 Cacht Ingean Ui Cheithernaig Rhydderich Hael Handbow 29.00 84.16
6 Eoin MacCogadhain Delftwood Handbow 27.00 76.24
7 Flora of Dunloch Dunloch Handbow 26.00 72.28
8 Cainnech Obrion na nÉireannach Delftwood Handbow 25.00 68.32
9 Genichi Rhydderich Hael Handbow 20.00 48.52
10 Amalie Reinhardt Delftwood Handbow 8.00 1.00

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