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Event Shoots

Here is the list of all the Event Shoots which have been entered. Shoots which have been registered with the Grand Archery Tournament (GAT) are noted in the last column.

Date Event Shoot Host  GAT 
28 Oct 23 Agincourt XV French vs. English Tournament Aethelmearc - Marche of the Debatable Lands GAT
9 Sep 23 A Day of Tournaments And Equestrian Champs Novelty Equestrian-Themed Ranges Aethelmearc - Myrkfaelinn GAT
2 Sep 23 2023 Delftwood Flying Pointy Things Event Monster Army, Castle Defense Aethelmearc - Delftwood GAT
11 Jun 22 Coppertree Regional War Muster Coppertree Regional War Muster Aethelmearc - Coppertree GAT
15 Dec 18 Third Annual Holiday Shoot Third Annual Holiday Shoot Aethelmearc - Coppertree GAT
11 Jun 16 Hornwood Scarlet Guard Inn IV Scarlet Guard Challenge Aethelmearc - Scarlet Guard  
1 Dec 15 Anastasie`s Monthly Challenge Anastasie`s November Challenge Aethelmearc - Delftwood  
6 Mar 10 White Hart Yoman of the White Hart Championship Aethelmearc - Port Oasis  
21 Nov 09 A Plague on Your House - A 14th C. Event Follow the String Hunt Aethelmearc - Port Oasis  

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