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Grand Archery Tournament Standings with a Combat Archery

Here is a list of all people who have a current GAT Standing with a Combat Archery. The 'Rank' indicates the individuals standing with the given weapon type, in the case of a tie both have will have the same 'Rank' and order is simply alphabetical.

The Percentage is given as an indicator of how far from the top the Archer is based on their actual GAT Standing Score. The GAT Standing Score is not directly displayed as it is a calculated number which is rediculously high and therefor difficult to put into real perspective.

# Name Kingdom Group %
1   Warwick Drakkar An Tir Lions Gate 100.0
2   Elora An Tir Lions Gate 98.0
3   Jacomina van Vossenbrouck An Tir Lions Gate 59.0
4   Ts`ai T`ien-p`u An Tir Seagirt 49.9
5   Caitrin ni Cingeadh An Tir Lions Gate 48.4
6   Giuliana da Castiglione An Tir Lions Gate 37.9
7   Agnes Creswyke An Tir Lions Gate 34.4
8   Stephen the Sinister An Tir Dragon`s Laire 30.1
9   Simon An Tir Lions Gate 25.8
10   Henry of Bohemia Avacal Montengarde 23.8
11   Hjalti the Wonder Viking Avacal Borealis 19.0
12   John de Percy An Tir Wyewood 18.9
13   Katla Mani An Tir Aquaterra 13.6
14   Cyneric Bearson An Tir Lions Gate 11.4
15   Houjou Ayame Avacal Myrgan Wood 10.9
16   Quon Jin Avacal Montengarde 9.7
17   Decimus Aurelius An Tir Lions Gate 8.8
18   Osric Fletcher Avacal Montengarde 7.9
19   Arthur of the Green Arrow An Tir Wyewood 7.7
20   Uli Adamsson Avacal Borealis 7.2
21   Rodri Glynglas An Tir Midhaven 5.8
22   Skane Tyrsson Avacal Montengarde 5.5
23   Ellias Silver Avacal Montengarde 4.8
24   August Hermann Konker An Tir Wyewood 4.7
25   Matteao Avacal Myrgan Wood 3.8
26   Leonardus Czypsser An Tir Southmarch 3.8
27   Audrey Hampton Avacal Montengarde 3.7
28   Asa Nordoster Avacal Montengarde 3.3
29   Skeld the Peacemaker Avacal Montengarde 3.3
30   Seren Avacal Myrgan Wood 3.0
31   Annys Bradwardyn Avacal Montengarde 2.8
32   Ingvar Avacal Borealis 2.8
33   Amée Martin Avacal Myrgan Wood 2.7
33   Inga Svavasdottir Avacal Myrgan Wood 2.7
34   Fergus Biggs An Tir Wastekeep 2.0
35   Malie Rennick An Tir Lions Gate 1.3
36   Martin McDuff Avacal Montengarde 1.2
37   Kvigr Iversson Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.2
38   Artunis An Tir Dragon`s Laire 1.2
39   Morrigan Clubfoot Avacal Montengarde 1.2
40   Lorette de Chasteauneuf Avacal Montengarde 1.2
41   Divera della Cava Avacal Borealis 1.1
42   Telamon of Crete An Tir Dragon`s Laire 1.1
43   Dahlia Yriansdottir Avacal Borealis 1.1
44   Kiera the Shadowed Avacal Montengarde 1.1
45   Roya Avacal Montengarde 1.1
46   Killian of Limerick Avacal Borealis 1.1
47   David du Pont Northshield Castel Rouge 1.1
47   Rhuk An Tir Aquaterra 1.1
48   Bera Kvigrsdottir Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.1
48   Mahlia Ulisdottir Avacal Borealis 1.1
48   Renee Carr Avacal Bordergate 1.1
48   Solfrid Kvigrsdottir Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.1
49   Kora Kendal Avacal Borealis 1.1
50   Adam of the Wood Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.1
51   Svava Suanhuita Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.1
52   Baldric of Newte Leez Avacal Borealis 1.1
53   Jean Phillip Fournier Dit Avacal Vinjar 1.1
54   Conan Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.1
55   Tarquyn of Sergontium Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.0
56   Hamish McCaraich Avacal Myrgan Wood 1.0
57   Geoffrey Lawrence Avacal Valley Wold 1.0
58   Bronwyn the Ever-Present Avacal Montengarde 1.0
59   Ademar Avacal Vinjar 1.0
60   Jean de Chauliac Avacal Borealis 1.0
61   Somerled of Ballindore Avacal Borealis 1.0
62   Hlif Angarsdottir Avacal Bordergate 1.0

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