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Rules for SSAC - New-Total Distance

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Wednesday, January 1, 3000
Shoot Ends: Thursday, January 2, 3000
Scores must be Submitted by: Friday, January 3, 3000 and within 30 days of being shot.


New Proposed Shoot

Qualified Seasons: Spring, Fall

A mixed up shoot where a LOW score is best!

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

The target is simply nine spots. Each spot is a 1" diameter circle. The spots are spaced in a grid with 11" between the outside edges of the circles (12" on center).

There are two ends. Both ends are shot from 25 yards.

Untimed - You have nine arrows, one at each spot. Don't loose track of which spots you already shot!

Timed - You have 120 seconds to shoot 9 arrows, one at each spot. Here is the trick, for every 10 seconds you have left 1 point is subtracted from your score, remember a low score is GOOD! The goal is to shoot quickly, but not so fast that you mess up your aiming. Marshals so that all your archers can shoot at the same time, call out each 10 seconds, the archers can listen for the first call after they complete shooting their 9 arrows. After the 120 seconds you can figure out what each archer's bonus is for the timed end.

As the title says, your score is your 'Total Distance'. That is use a string, and for every arrow outside of a spot, start with a knot at one end of the string at the spot then run the string out to the nearest arrow and place your fingernail on the string there, now place your finger nail with the string on the second spot and draw the string out to the next nearest arrow mover your finger nail to this point on the string. Continue this for each spot and its nearest arrow (each arrow may only be used once), there by ending up with the Total Distance your arrows are from the spots. Arrows in or touching a spot count as a zero. Measure the distance on the string from the knot to where your fingernail is, your score is the number of complete inches of string. I.E. if the string you have is 21.75" your score is 21.

The Timed Bonus should be recorded as a negative number. For Example if you shot your 9 arrows and the next call by the marshal was 70, meaning have 50 something seconds left over (120 - 70 = 50), record the bonus as a -5. For each arrow not shot in the 120 seconds add 10" to the Total Distance, this is for the competitive archers give leeway to the truly new archers ;)

This shoot was suggested by:
Jonathas Reinisch


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