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Rules for SSAC - New-Blunts Competitive

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Monday, January 1, 2035
Shoot Ends: Tuesday, January 2, 2035
Scores must be Submitted by: Wednesday, January 3, 2035 and within 30 days of being shot.
This is a Competitive type shoot. Shooters may compete against the same individual Monthly (once per 30 days).


New Proposed Shoot

The object is to shoot through a hole in the target. Ideal for Combat Archery, but adapted to Target Archery. This is a Competitive Shoot*.

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

The target is a 24"x24" (60cm) square with a 5.5" (14cm) diameter hole cut out of the middle.

Running the Shoot:
Beginning at 20 yards, shoot 10 arrows. If at least one arrow passes through the hole you continue to the next end, but 5 yards further back. Continue until you get to a range where you do not have any arrows pass through the hole. Only score ends where you successfully have at least one arrow pass through the hold.

Adult Range begins at 20 yards.
Youth Range begins at 10 yards.

5 Points for any arrow passing through the hole. 1 Point for any arrow hitting the target square. Arrows missing both the target square and hole score 0 points.

A perfect score would be: 50 points per end, the total is unlimited

* Competitive Shoots
On the Scores Site, a "Competitve Shoot" runs very much like an Armored Bear Pit, that is once the one on one shoot off is complete, each side gets one point for entering and the winner receives a second point. It is these "Competition Points" that will determine the overall winner, NOT who has the highest actual score. So in this style shoot even a novice archer who looses every round, if they are crazy about archery and shoot a thousand rounds could end up the winner.

Note: the two shooters do NOT need to be at the same range to shoot against each other! They do not need to be in the same country or shoot at the same time! Just agree to compete against one another by each submitting a score claiming the to Challenge the other. However the shooting needs to be run as if it where being shot head to head at the same time. That is there is no practicing, no starting over, once you shoot your first declared arrow whatever score you shoot is what you submit. Neither side sees the other's score until both scores are submitted.

This shoot was suggested by:
Anselm da Calabria

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