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Rules for SSAC - 12B Ferrara Ring

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 6/25/12

Shoot Begins: Sunday, April 1, 2012
Shoot Ends: Saturday, June 30, 2012
Scores must be Submitted by: Saturday, July 7, 2012 and within 30 days of being shot.

To get the SSAC started, it will be lead off with a shoot detailed by Sir Jon in his article on medieval archery competitions.

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

The target is a set of metal rings in two-inch increments, 12 to 2 inches inside diameter. The metal macram� rings can be found at most craft stores. The marshal in charge of the shooting has the option of using an equivalent target if needed. Solid disks of cardboard cut to the correct size may also be used. No center aiming point may be added to the targets. They must be plain rings or disks with no additional markings that could be used to aid in aiming.

Running the shoot
Each target is shot from 25 yards. The targets are shot one at a time starting with the 12 inch and working down to the 2 inch. The archers shoot three arrows at each ring. To advance to the next smaller ring an archer must have at least one arrow within the current ring. This continues until the two inch ring is reached or no archers have hit within the current ring. To count, arrows must hit completely within the ring, touching the outside edge does not count.

One point is given for each arrow that strikes completely within the ring and up to three points per target for three hits. Only one arrow within the ring is needed to continue on to the next smaller ring. There would be a maximum possible of 18 points for hits.

In addition, there would be bonus points added for the smallest ring the archer completed. e.g. 12"=1 point. 10"=2 points. 8"= 3 points. 6"= 4 points. 4"= 5 points. 2"= 6 points.

A perfect score would be: 24 points (18 points for hits, plus 6 points for shooting within the 2 inch ring =24)

All ties will be decided in favor of the first archer to enter the score that tied.

For the Youth Division all the rules are the same, but at a distance of 15 yards, be sure to enter youth ages.

This shoot was suggested by:
Sir Jon

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