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Current Averages with Open Handbow

Here is a list of all people who have a current score/average with Open Handbow in the SSAC - 19D Golf Par 3 , and any rank they would have based on that score/average. Note: if ranks are given this is *not* their Official Rank, only the rank based on the current score/average.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 12/9/19

  Name (Age) Kingdom Group Weapon Current
1 ((Gail Henk)) Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 9.0
2 Miguel de Granada Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 12.0
3 Dubhghaill Mac Gilla Easbaig Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 14.0
4 Osmond de Berwic East Stonemarche Open Handbow 15.0
5 Mika Longbow Outlands Unser Hafen Open Handbow 17.0
6 Gwyneth Cole Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 19.0
7 Tonis van Hoorn Avacal Montengarde Open Handbow 22.0
8 Daniel Larke del Glen Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 22.0
9 John fitz Thomas East Concordia of the Snows Open Handbow 22.0
10 Henry of Bohemia Avacal Montengarde Open Handbow 23.0
11 Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino Outlands Caer Galen Open Handbow 23.0
12 Bartholomew Reynold Codlin Caid Starkhafn Open Handbow 24.0
13 Paganus Grimlove Caid Dreiburgen Open Handbow 24.0
14 Ulric of Ambledune Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 25.0
15 Raithe Ealdormere Trinovantia Nova Open Handbow 26.0
16 Robin Greenwood of Arden Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 26.0
17 Kenneth le Beaman Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 27.0
18 Bjarki Rikarðarson Aethelmearc Coppertree Open Handbow 27.0
19 Shannon inghaen Bhriain ui Dhuilleain East Concordia of the Snows Open Handbow 27.0
20 Paul Stoddard Caid Starkhafn Open Handbow 28.0
21 Eric Morrison Outlands Hawk`s Hollow Open Handbow 28.0
22 ((Yuriy Yedidovik)) Outlands Ravenhyrst Open Handbow 31.0
23 Heinrich Schreiber Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 34.0
24 ((Chris Knapp)) Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 35.0
25 Muirenn inghean Mhic Raith Avacal Montengarde Open Handbow 35.0
26 Muldonny McVriw Middle Eastwatch Open Handbow 37.0
27 Oppia Vopisens Outlands Caer Galen Open Handbow 37.0
28 Damian Wolfhunt Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 37.0
29 ((Ryan Muckerheide)) Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 38.0
30 Janna von Guggisberg East Concordia of the Snows Open Handbow 38.0
31 Ailinn Shadowfox Outlands Hawk`s Hollow Open Handbow 38.0
32 Rayya Al-Rugaya Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 38.0
33 Galen the Mad Middle Talonvale Open Handbow 39.0
34 Alfhildr of Ambledune Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 39.0
35 Edward Brackenburye Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 40.0
36 Rachel of Rochester East Stonemarche Open Handbow 40.0
37 Patrick of the Quiet Woods Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 40.0
38 Rhys Aiden Bifjord East Concordia of the Snows Open Handbow 41.0
39 Bubba of Wolfhou Middle Flaming Gryphon Open Handbow 41.0
40 ((Regina Montgomery)) Outlands Hawk`s Hollow Open Handbow 41.0
41 Gerard von Lowenstein Middle Stormvale Open Handbow 41.0
42 Marco Ansteorra Shadowlands Open Handbow 42.0
43 Alec ap Odde (14) Artemisia Stan Wyrm Open Handbow 42.0
44 Horik Alfurblod Middle Roaring Wastes Open Handbow 42.0
45 Fedelm Dubb Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 43.0
46 Jorunna Refsdottir Calontir Lonely Tower Open Handbow 43.0
47 Dafydd Myddleton Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 43.0
48 Krestiia Ivanovna Caid Starkhafn Open Handbow 44.0
49 Helga Kál in glaða Outlands Caer Galen Open Handbow 44.0
50 Arwenna of Kelsley Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 44.0
51 Owain the Younger Calontir Lonely Tower Open Handbow 45.0
52 Joseph of Dundas Castle Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 45.0
53 Cainnach of the Hounds Outlands Hawk`s Hollow Open Handbow 47.0
54 Kaitlyn McKenna Ansteorra Shadowlands Open Handbow 48.0
55 Bryn Archer Middle Wealdlake Open Handbow 48.0
56 Maria Donald of Windmaster Hill Ansteorra Bryn Gwlad Open Handbow 49.0
57 Saradwen Ariandalen Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 49.0
58 Aliena verte Davies Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 49.0
59 Ryan McCullough Outlands Ravenhyrst Open Handbow 49.0
60 ((Sarah Merchant)) Aethelmearc Coppertree Open Handbow 49.0
61 Ronan Coill Caid Starkhafn Open Handbow 50.0
62 Isabella Francesco Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 50.0
63 Cred Mongfind Ornar-dottir Caid Starkhafn Open Handbow 51.0
64 Nina of the Lost Caverns Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 51.0
65 Aeveril of Ambledune Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 51.0
66 Harold von Auerbach East Stonemarche Open Handbow 55.0
67 Louchelan de Hay Outlands Caerthe Open Handbow 55.0
68 ((Mendel Boothby)) Outlands Caer Galen Open Handbow 55.0
69 AElfgifu Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 55.0
70 Cat of Dismal Fogs Lochac Dismal Fogs Open Handbow 55.0
71 Havelok Outlawe Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 56.0
72 Sieglinda von Krieg Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 56.0
73 Stuart the Brewer Lochac Rowany Open Handbow 56.0
74 Anubis Middle Brendoken Open Handbow 57.0
75 Isabel of Polit Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 59.0
76 Elena the Blue East Concordia of the Snows Open Handbow 62.0
77 Geiri Smiðsson Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 63.0
78 Seamus MacRae Outlands Dragonsspine Open Handbow 65.0
79 Rurik Brathlid Middle Northwoods Open Handbow 65.0
80 Bertrande Fresneau Middle Flaming Gryphon Open Handbow 65.0
81 Pembrooke Ansteorra Shadowlands Open Handbow 67.0
82 Everade Lochac Politarchopolis Open Handbow 67.0
83 Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 68.0
84 Will ap Odde (12) Artemisia Stan Wyrm Open Handbow 69.0
85 Lasec Krieger Middle Brendoken Open Handbow 69.0
86 Kira Kojirou Tokiakira Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 70.0
87 Erasmus (10) Outlands Caer Galen Open Handbow 73.0
88 Batu Sechen Tsagaajin Caid Lyondemere Open Handbow 73.0
89 Astrid Alexander Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 74.0
90 Alina Payne Middle Gwyntarian Open Handbow 76.0
91 Cadwgan Faber Middle Brendoken Open Handbow 79.0
92 Milesent Vibert Middle Cleftlands Open Handbow 82.0
93 Mynkara Middle Stormvale Open Handbow 86.0

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