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Rules for SSAC - New-Gordian

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Wednesday, January 1, 3000
Shoot Ends: Thursday, January 2, 3000
Scores must be Submitted by: Friday, January 3, 3000 and within 14 days of being shot.


New Proposed Shoot

Qualified Seasons: Fall

A shoot inspired by the Halloween season and PUMPKINS! The spirit of this shoot is to move your aim point with each and every arrow.

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

The target is an image of a pumpkin on a small target backer. The backers should be roughly the size of a standard Letter paper (8.5 x 11) made from cardboard (left over Amazon boxes) and/or foam. Print out this PDF of the Target at full size (pumpkin should be 7.75" wide x 9" tall) and glue it to your backer. You will need six of these targets.

There are two ends.

  • Untimed - 8 arrows
  • Timed - 40 seconds

Range Setup:
All the pumpkins are staked to the ground in the following manner. The targets should not move significantly so as to allow multiple archers to shoot at the same time. Three pumpkins at 10 and 15 yards from the shooting line. The pumpkins should be placed about 2 foot apart across the range.

There are two additional shooting lines to further challenge the archers, each 7 yards further away from the pumpkins. This gives you three shooting positions the First Line with the pumpkins at 10 and 15 yards, the Second Line with the pumpkins at 17 and 22 yards, and the Third Line with the pumpkins at 24 and 29 yards. The archer chooses which line they are shooting from, but both ends must be shot from the same line. (If you have a large enough range and enough pumpkins, you may setup one line with three lanes worth of pumpkins at the correct distances)

All six pumpkins must be hit before a second arrow on the same pumpkin will count. Likewise all six pumpkins must be hit twice before a third arrow on the same pumpkin will count.

Scoring changes based on the line shot from:

  • First Line - one point per pumpkin hit.
  • Second Line - two points per pumpkin hit.
  • Third Line - three points per pumpkin hit.

Please note: The line the archer shoots from is recorded the score sheet.

This shoot was suggested by:
Thomas of Salisbury


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