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Current Averages with Period Handbow

Here is a list of all people who have a current score/average with Period Handbow in the SSAC - Quarterly&Saltire , and any rank they would have based on that score/average. Note: if ranks are given this is *not* their Official Rank, only the rank based on the current score/average.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 2/27/20 (40 remaining to be Approved)

  Name (Age) Kingdom Group Weapon Current
1 Konrad von Alpirsbach Outlands Caer Galen Period Handbow 78.0
2 Bjarki Rikarðarson Aethelmearc Coppertree Period Handbow 58.0
3 Snorri skyti Bjarnarson Aethelmearc Coppertree Period Handbow 56.0
4 Miruska Lyubomyr Aethelmearc Coppertree Period Handbow 50.0
5 Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino Outlands Caer Galen Period Handbow 49.0
6 Eleanor of Coity Ansteorra Bryn Gwlad Period Handbow 43.0
7 Patrick of the Quiet Woods Outlands Caerthe Period Handbow 42.0
8 Daniel del Duffeld Outlands Dragonsspine Period Handbow 38.0
9 Moira nicConnel the Strongbow Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 37.0
10 Katherine Fox An Tir Adiantum Period Handbow 36.0
11 Toussaint de Caluwe Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 36.0
12 Iurii Levchenich An Tir Adiantum Period Handbow 34.0
13 Nathri mac Conaill Meridies Bryn Madoc Period Handbow 32.0
14 Jois Corbet Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 30.0
15 ((Jonathan Thomas)) Aethelmearc Coppertree Period Handbow 30.0
16 Eorann O`Connor Outlands Dragonsspine Period Handbow 29.0
17 Kazetani Tarou Noritatsu Caid Starkhafn Period Handbow 25.0
18 ((David Lopez)) Ansteorra Bryn Gwlad Period Handbow 25.0
19 Giles Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 19.0
20 ((Celina Nissim)) Outlands Dragonsspine Period Handbow 19.0
21 Robin the Scarlett of Ambledune Lochac Politarchopolis Period Handbow 18.0
22 Kazetani Kiyotora Caid Starkhafn Period Handbow 16.0
23 Rosa Askell Lochac Politarchopolis Period Handbow 15.0
24 Valdis Brynningsdottir Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 12.0
25 Anubis Middle Brendoken Period Handbow 12.0
26 Engelbrecht Wandelber Meridies Bryn Madoc Period Handbow 7.0
27 ((Reve Astor)) Northshield Jararvellir Period Handbow 6.0

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