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Rules for SSAC - Repeat-Tibetan

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Monday, January 1, 3010
Shoot Ends: Tuesday, January 2, 3010
Scores must be Submitted by: Sunday, September 1, 3016 and within 30 days of being shot.


Proposed Shoot - Repeat

May be considered for repeat beginning with Fall 2017
Qualified Seasons: Summer

This shoot is based on a Tibetan traditional shoot. Unlike the five-ring archery targets popular in the Olympic Games and other international contests, the traditional Tibetan triangle target, about 80 cm high and with a bottom width of 70 cm, is a mound of dirt. A small wooden stick called Jiama in Tibetan, which originally means “scale” is put in the middle of the target. According to the Tibetan competition rules, whoever shoots an arrow to the top of the stick wins. The Tibetans shoot this at 60 meters.

The triangle target is of the same area as a 60 cm FITA five-ring target. As the target narrows from bottom to top, shooting the top of the wooden stick will be very difficult. What else makes the Tibetan archery unique, is that contestants are allowed to harass their rivals. “You may roar to the ears of your rival, pat his shoulder before the bow is drawn to its full extent and boo him. The real winners are those who can keep their inner peace amid distractions to shoot the target accurately. That is because on the battlefields only those who stay calm can survive. We will give them a thumbs-up!” according to a Tibetan archer named Yangge.

As always the SSAC General Rules apply, please take a moment to read them as well.


--New Image Coming soon--

--Original Target--
We can modify this target to make our competition easier for our Western minds to score! Draw an equilateral triangle with a 70 cm base and an 80 cm height. Divide this into 10 horizontal scoring sections, each eight cm high. Lines dividing each section should be very thin. The target may be placed at any height and may be either freestanding or mounted on a mat, hay bale, etc. If freestanding, allow a 1" margin around the edges. This way any arrows cutting the perimeter lines on the freestanding target can be scored.

We will modify the 60 meters Tibetan rules to fit smaller ranges. Shoot one end at 40 yards. Shoot 6 arrows per end.

The target is divided into 10 scoring sequentially numbered scoring sections, with 1 point assigned to the base and 10 points assigned to the apex of the triangle. Arrows touching a line get the higher score. An arrow cutting the line counts as the higher score.

Additional Rules:
Divide the shooters into two groups and take turns as follows. In the spirit tradition, Tibetan archery, contestants must harass the shooter verbally. Touching the shooter will not be allowed for safety reasons, so stay at least 2 feet away. You may dance about as long as you remain behind the shooting line. Alternately, you can cheer on your favorite shooter.

Everything the same except shot from 15 yards.

This shoot was suggested by: Arion the Wanderer, , An Tir

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